Laser rejuvenates the eye area

How to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes usually indicates the real age because the skin in this area is the thinnest, most sensitive and often subjected to negative external influences.

Due to the insignificant thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer around the eyes, as well as the little sweat and sebum glands in this area, the skin after 25-30 years of age if not properly cared for, will quickly lose its degree. moisture and elasticity. The facial muscles frequently contract, resulting in fine lines, and deeper wrinkles around the eyes.

It is recommended to use cosmetic products to prevent skin aging and premature aging, but they will no longer be able to fade deep wrinkles. Better practices should be applied here.

Eye rejuvenation method

Previously, to remove wrinkles and look youthful, seductive, you had to go through a cosmetic doctor's scalpel, which takes a long time in the process of surgery and recovery.

Modern aesthetics offer gentler procedures to improve the condition of the skin around the eyes, increasing skin moisture and elasticity. These procedures include "beauty injections", when with the help of subcutaneous injections, the injected cocktail contains a whole complex of trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and other ingredients that have effects. Beneficial for the metabolism in the skin, increases firmness and stimulates the metabolism of cells.

Those who are afraid of injections can take advantage of the laser bioremediation, when the hyaluronic acid is distributed under the skin using a laser. This allows you to bond and retain a large number of water molecules in the epidermis, helping to remove dry skin, increase elasticity and firmness, and smooth wrinkles.

The downside of these tricks is that over time, they have to be repeated many times as the drug injected into the body has absorbed.

Laser rejuvenates the eye area

The most effective and safe, which maintain the effect achieved in the long term, are laser procedures that not only allow the avoidance of surgical interventions, the need for hospitalization and separation from the usual lifestyle, butthe natural cell renewal process also begins.

rejuvenate the eye area before and after taking a photo

The synthesis of collagen and elastin, cell regeneration will continue for another 2-3 months after the last rejuvenation of the eye area. After that, the final results will be achieved, with proper care, that will last for several years.

Laser Fractional rejuvenates the skin around the eyes allowing you not only to deal with fine lines but also deeper wrinkles. Fractional laser rejuvenation stimulates cell regeneration using laser beams broken down into thousands of microscopic rays. As a result, micro-damage reaches the epidermis surrounded by intact areas, allowing the skin to regenerate faster.

Laser Picosure picosecond gives the most impressive results of the eye-contour rejuvenating laser, which is highly appreciated by the world's leading estheticians and enthusiastic response from stars who have tried its effects. Efficiency, speed, painless, and no recovery time (after 2 hours of red) are the main advantages of this type of laser.

Although the under-eye wrinkle removal with Picosure laser (1 process) is more expensive than other lasers, the advantages are listed and the fact is that less procedure is needed for the entire treatment. these differences to the minimum.