Facial rejuvenation at home - effective quickly!

How to rejuvenate facial skin at home

How to quickly rejuvenate facial skin at home? Learn about the most popular home face masks, packs, massages, and facial rejuvenation devices in this article!

All women, without exception, want to look sexy and young. But unfortunately, over the years, our bodies wear down, and every change shows up on our face. Don't be sad about this, because thanks to a variety of independently formulated cosmetics and massage techniques, you can retain the beauty and youthfulness of the face, reduce the number of wrinkles and restore elasticity. former skin. In addition, no special financial investment is required.

TOP 5 ways to rejuvenate facial skin at home

Sometimes you need to fold your face to place an order.

The following procedures have a lightning effect:

  • Home mask. They do not contain any chemicals, only natural ingredients that help smooth and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Herbal compresses. Plants with nourishing and anti-aging effects are very suitable for the treatment. These are millennia, sage, camomile, mint, horsetail, rosemary, black musk. You can alternate between hot and cold compresses.
  • Self-massageimproves blood circulation and muscle activation.
  • Manipulating an ice cubecan be called rapid rejuvenation. Washing with ice has a refreshing effect. Suitable for making ordinary ice from purified or boiled water, and for cosmetics, made from herbs decoction. You can tone your face this way every day. Early in the morning, you will feel happy, beautiful and rejuvenated!
  • Handsetused at home will rejuvenate skin in just a few sessions.

Face rejuvenating at home

Masking is a popular and quick way to fight skin aging. There are many options for "at home" masks, but the following are the most common.

Honey Mask

Recipes for a honey skin rejuvenation mask

To prepare the mixture you will need the following ingredients: forty ml of natural honey, sixty ml of sunflower oil, one yolk. You should thoroughly crush the yolk with honey and add oil to it.

Apply the prepared mixture every 5 minutes, until all is gone.

This mask is suitable for people with dry skin.

Kefir Mask

To rejuvenate the skin of the face, you will need 50 ml of kefir and 22 grams of fresh cheese with 0% fat content, a slice of sour apple.

Crushed fruit and fermented dairy products are added to the porridge made up. This mixture is applied to the skin of the face.

Make this mask once a week regularly. This is a rejuvenating recipe for those with acne-prone oily skin.

Oil mask

A small teaspoon of glycerin, butter and natural honey is well mixed. This mask is left on the face for up to half an hour. It is suitable for women with combination skin or dry skin.

Cucumber Mask

Make porridge from red grapes, cucumbers and sour cream 20% fat. The ingredients should be made in equal proportions. The mask will rejuvenate and whiten the skin, absorbing vitamins into each cell.

The mask has a lifting effect

Take 10 grams of gelatin and pour one hundred milliliters of liquid (you can freshen up). We let the product bulge for a quarter of an hour. Then, put the mixture in a water bath and heat until homogeneous. Next, cool the product to room temperature and apply to the skin with a dedicated brush. Several grades must be applied. The mask will harden on the face. It is then removed in the form of a solid bottom-up film.

Recipes for facial rejuvenation masks

And pharmaceutical preparations could become analogs of "beauty injections", abused by modern women. With the help of these solutions, you can disinfect the skin and prevent the appearance of inflammatory processes on the skin.

And gels and ointments will help to repair damaged tissues, heal small cracks, and restore skin elasticity and firmness. The ointment is used for dry skin and the gel is used for oily and combination skin. The drug is used twice a week for a month. Apply a thin layer. After the rejuvenation session, take a one-month break.

All masks should be applied to the cleaned skin. In addition, the application will best reflect the condition of your facial skin.

Anti-aging face face

Herbal compresses are not the only treatment used to fight skin aging. The following formulas are also suitable:

  • Cucumber juice is mixed with equal amounts of pure water. This compresses tones, refreshes and brightens the skin. Suitable for daily use.
  • Green tea, the best antioxidant, ideal for use. The tea leaves are brewed to cool, then cold and cold for half an hour.
  • Aloe juice, known for its life-giving properties, is ideal for skin health. To prepare the recipe, 100 ml of water is mixed with one teaspoon of aloe vera.

Face-building - gymnastics for the facial muscles - also has a dramatic and quick effect. You should start practicing these exercises as soon as possible. Exercising of facial muscles promotes blood flow to the skin's surface. Thanks to that, it is provided with the maximum nutrients and oxygen. Improved skin condition and complexion.

Self-massage rejuvenating face

Massage is also a miracle cure for the aging process. It reduces wrinkles, tightens muscles, removes two chin and removes dark spots. Self-massage should be done for 10 days, and then rest for a week. Just a few magical sessions! They strengthen muscles and activate metabolism, restore blood circulation.

Classic massages are done using special creams and oils. And for treatments that contribute to the improvement of facial contours, talcum powder is required.

The main elements of a classic massage should be the following:

  • rub;
  • stroking;
  • vibrates.

Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned and dried. Then a serum or muscle-lifting gel is applied to it.

Begin massage from forehead and gently move down chin. All movements are performed strictly according to massage path. The highlight is the central part. Then they moved aside. The trajectory of motion is a circle. During the training session, you should work with relaxing hands, otherwise the skin could be injured. Start with a light swipe and gradually increase the movement. Pat to warm skin.

Huge rejuvenating effect provided by special devices designed for home use.

Home facial rejuvenation device

Now, in any store, you can find mobile devices just like the ones in the shops. They give excellent results and are an indispensable addition to standard care.

List of Applicable Hardware:

    ultrasonic scrubber machine
  • for trauma-free cleaning;
  • darsonval, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects;
  • The
  • infrared massage machine - a complete replacement for heat manipulation;
  • microcurrent therapy to deeply nourish the epidermis;
  • zinc plated
  • to enhance the effect of cosmetics.

Home rejuvenation treatments will improve your skin condition and make you look much younger!