Aesthetic procedure for facial rejuvenation

Cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation

Currently, clinics offer a variety of cosmetic methods for facial rejuvenation. Each of them has their own specific features, advantages and disadvantages.

However, experts identify some techniques that are considered to be more effective and preferred by patients.

The most effective facial rejuvenation treatments

Cosmetologists identify some of the most effective facial rejuvenation procedures, considered the most effective, and designed for different ages.


This is a technique to remove dead cells from the epidermis, contributing to the activation of regeneration and rejuvenation. As a result, the skin is smoothed, leveled, and elastic.


The mechanism of this effect is based on controlled burn formation due to the use of synthetic or natural acids. It helps activate cell regeneration, enhances the production of elastin and collagen fibers, as well as improves blood and oxygen flow of tissues.

At the same time, open pores are cleansed and tightened, soothing the skin and reducing wrinkles.

Depending on the severity of age-related changes, surface, medium or deep chemical peels may be used.


It is prescribed for oily skin types and is considered a superficial procedure. Thanks to the ingredients that make up the ingredients, you can get rid of problems such as pigmentation, inflammation, acne effects, enlarged pores, blurred and moderate wrinkles.

The basis of exfoliation are hyaluronic and salicylic acids, vitamin cocktails, plant extracts, natural hormones, zinc compounds.

To get the desired effect, the 7-10 course should be fully implemented.


A suitable cut diamond is used to remove dead tissue. This allows the vacuum massage to be performed at the same time. As a result, skin is completely purified and intensive renewal processes are activated.

Depending on the skin type, one of the 10 preset attachments can be used, each with a specific grain size.

When the skin is completely healed, results such as firming, soothing and fading of wrinkles are recorded.

Hardware procedure

These are aesthetic operations performed by special devices.

Light rejuvenation

Skin is exposed to light pulses penetrating the deep layers of the dermis. As a result, natural collagen production processes are activated, preventing and preventing the appearance of age-related markers in the future. Wrinkles are cleared, skin improves.

In addition, light rejuvenation allows you to get rid of blemishes like acne and a pronounced capillary network.

Biological Digital

This is another type of hardware process for rejuvenating the face of a esthetician. For tightening, hyaluronic acid is used, supplied to the skin layers by injection or in contact with a special device.

The most common are minimally invasive methods - electrophoresis, electromagnetism, cryotherapy and laser therapy, as well as using oxygen.

Ozone therapy

This type of cosmetic manipulation provides the dermis with an oxygen-ozone mixture, which is injected via injection. As a result, an improvement in blood circulation is noted, accelerates metabolism at the cellular level, and collagen and elastin itself begin to be produced.

After this procedure, the muscle frame is strengthened, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is elastic and the skin is healthy again.

Raising the RF

This process is allowed after 25 years. However, the optimal age is 35-55 years old. Problem areas are affected by radio waves, which penetrate the outer layers, supplying heat energy to muscles and soft tissues. When heated, the dermis begins to contract, which activates the production of collagen fibers.

Thanks to this technique, the improvement in skin tone, the disappearance of facial wrinkles, and contour alignment is noted. The main advantage of this method is that it is safe, painless, and no inflammatory process.


Injection therapy is also a popular and effective facial rejuvenation cosmetic treatment. This may be the introduction of active substances and vitamin cocktails, botulinum toxin, fillers, stem cells or special threads into the layers of the skin.

The results of such operations are quickly achieved. The procedure is usually not accompanied by severe pain, however, with a low pain threshold or for sensitive skin types, anesthetic may be used.

LPG massage

Skin is affected by a special device that performs vacuum compresses. Technically, this operation is similar to manual massage, but the effect of the first time will be significantly higher.

Designed to remove wrinkles, wrinkles, double chin, lift muscles around eyes as well as restore clear oval shape of face.

If you don't skip supportive therapy, results will last for six months.


This approach is based on the action of electric current that promotes muscle contraction. As a result, blood circulation is enhanced, metabolism is normalized, skin color increases and wrinkles are eliminated.

To get maximum results, a 10-15 process process is specified. Positive changes will be noticeable after session 4.

Miostimulation is indicated for women after age 45. However, according to some indications, it can be taken at an earlier age.

Choosing which rejuvenating aesthetic method is better, only experts will tell you. At the same time, he always takes into account the severity of problems related to changes related to the patient's age, age, body characteristics and desired outcome. Also, when choosing a technique, you must always take into account its positive and negative aspects, as well as the presence of contraindications and side effects. In order to avoid complications, it should only be applied to proven clinics, where experienced cosmetologists work, as well as to follow all instructions in the postoperative period.