Overview of cosmetic procedures for taking care of the body at different age stages

body care

A person's body needs care, just like a face. With age, the body's resources are depleted, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes drier and flaky, problem areas are formed, and local fat deposition increases. In order to prevent and slow these cosmetic defects, it is advisable to regularly carry out cosmetic procedures, selected by specialists in accordance with the age and body characteristics of each patient.

Take care of your body after 20 years

The skin of a person between the ages of 20 and 30 is distinguished by an increase in elasticity, tone and normal moisture level, they have a uniform and smooth texture. Such properties are explained by the large amount of collagen and elastin in the dermis, the accelerating process of internal processes.

Of course, cosmetic procedures at such an early age will take place, but they are mainly of a preventive nature.

Removal of fat and cellulite

From the age of 30 and over, correction of locally accumulated fats that cannot be eliminated with diet and sports can be done using the following techniques:

  • Manual massage. Active manual manipulation is done in the form of patting, rolling, and rubbing on the skin. It is done to break down fats, activate blood circulation and remove fluid stagnant.
  • Injecting solute. Introduction to problem areas of special solutions that enhance local processes and breakdown of fat cells.
  • Ending. Apply therapeutic sludge or seaweed-based formulas under the film layer over problem areas of the body to give a thermal effect, increasing the skin's permeability to the active ingredients.

Take care of your body after 30 years

The skin of a person aged 30–40 is characterized by normal moisture, medium or reduced tone, elasticity. During this stage, problem areas usually begin to form, cellulite forms on the thigh or buttocks, and fat builds up.

Cosmetic procedures after 30 years are no longer preventive but also corrective. The indications for their implementation are the presence of cellulite, ptosis, body fat, the prevention of age-related changes.

Eliminate body fat

Against the accumulation of fat in every part of the body after 30 years by both manual and hardware methods. Techniques involving the use of special devices to ensure the formation of tangible results are particularly common. Among them:

ozone therapy for the skin
  • Electronic stimulation. The aim of the procedure is to improve the skin tone, reducing the volume of problem areas. Positive changes are achieved through contraction of muscle fibers with electric current.
  • Ozone therapy. The purpose of the treatment is to increase skin elasticity, reduce the thickness of the fat layer. The changes are achieved through the injection of ozone, contributing to the elimination of toxins, cell nutrition and optimization of metabolism.
  • Stone cavity. The purpose of the procedure is to adjust volume, prevent fat accumulation, firm skin. The changes occur due to the effects of ultrasonic vibrations, which heat up fat cells and destroy them.

Such procedures are implemented separately on a course basis, if necessary they can be done at a more mature age.
The fight against fat cells, which are inherent in certain areas in small quantities, can be carried out with the help of injections of special drugs. They contribute to fat breakdown, which is then naturally eliminated from the body.

Removes Cellulite

It is not always possible to get rid of cellulite between the ages of 30–40 by adjusting your diet and physical activity. The additional hardware effects of the following nature will speed up metabolism and improve skin condition:

  • Vacuum massage. It is made to fight cellulite and increase skin elasticity. The principle of action is to create an area of ​​negative pressure, stimulate withdrawal of stagnant fluid and stimulate cell renewal.
  • Ultrasonic massage. It is done to reduce the orange peel effect and adjust the volume of problem areas. The positive changes are achieved due to activation of internal processes by ultrasonic pulses.
  • Compression therapy. It is done to remove cellulite and puffiness. During surgery, bursting pressure is created on soft tissues, stimulating the removal of fluid and toxins from stagnation, blood circulation and lymphatic movement.

All procedures are also performed according to the protocol and may be performed as directed by the esthetician, irrespective of the age of the patient.

Firming skin

butt lift

The elimination of ptosis of the soft tissues of the body in a patient over 30 years of age can be performed with a thread lift method. The procedure is indicated in cases of slight sagging without excess fat. The essence of this process is to introduce special threads made of synthetic, biodegradable materials into problem areas. They do not cause rejection or allergy, immobilize tissues due to their presence, and when dissolved and eliminated from the body, they leave a framework of newly formed collagen fibers that supports the problem areas. issue naturally. Nasal augmentation with only multiple areas of the body, but the most common is editing areas like the chest or buttocks.

Skin rejuvenation

Many women after 30 think about preventing age-related changes in the skin of the body. Usually, the real age, even the best fit, is given by the neck, bra and arms. To keep them in proper condition, the following procedures are performed:

  • , bio-digital. Hyaluronic acid injections to restore skin's moisture balance and improve structure, as well as mild rejuvenation.
  • Mesotherapy. Injections containing vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts to provide saturated nutrients to the skin, increase skin's protective and rejuvenating properties.

Procedures of this type are carried out in a course of 3–5 sessions, resulting from their execution being archived for up to 5–6 months.

Take care of your body after 45 years old

Mature skin is owned by women aged 45-50 years old, it is characterized by a decrease in elasticity and moisture content, in addition to areas with cellulite and fat problems, areas with signs of agingMarking is noted, usually of the neck, skin, and hands. . . .

The procedures provided for skincare in this stage are of a corrective nature and are accomplished through enhanced exposure.

Eliminate body fat

After 50 and sometimes even 40 years, the fight against body fat has become particularly fierce. To pose the body, advanced special effects are required, such as:

the process of freezing cold for the body skin
  • Cold dissociation. Fight fat cells with the cold. In just one session, you can remove up to 40 percent of existing clusters. In this case, the whole exposure process means no more than 3 sessions.
  • Lipolaser. Fight fat cells with a laser. The light pulses destroy the existing clusters, and the decomposition products are naturally expelled. If necessary, a full course of 5-10 sessions should be done.

Fat injections at this stage are, as a rule, less done as they may decrease their effectiveness.

Removes Cellulite

To counteract the effects of orange peels in adulthood, methods of increasing exposure were also taken, for example, combining multiple directions at once. The following procedures have such an integrated approach:

  • Vacuum massage. It implies an impact on problem areas of the body not only due to the vacuum but also by the mechanical treatment using the special rollers for which the nozzle is fitted.
  • VelaShape. Influence in four directions is implied (infrared radiation, radio waves, current and vacuum). It not only allows to improve the structure of the skin but also helps to reduce fat accumulation.

The techniques are practiced in a 10–20 course course, with a break between sessions of 2 to 5 days. A repeat course is recommended no earlier than 3-5 months after the first.


Age-related changes, as mentioned earlier, mainly manifest directly in the chest and neck area. To combat them, injectable procedures are often performed, such as biological therapy or intermediate therapy, however, they have a preventive effect and, on mature skin, cannot significantly affectexisting issues. In order to rejuvenate the designated areas, cosmetologists recommend performing the following procedures:

Fractional heat for rejuvenation
  • Temperature. Increased collagen levels in the skin due to heat generated when exposed to radio waves. Give the same effect as the result of plastics for up to 50 years.
  • Fractional heat. Improve skin firmness and wrinkle removal by stimulating the production of collagen from the laser.


Elimination of body ptosis in an adult patient can also be performed with a thread lift method. However, instead of using biodegradable, absorbable materials, non-absorbent sutures are tested for this purpose. Their working principle is almost the same, but the efficiency is slightly higher.
They also fix the skin and soft tissues in new positions due to their physical presence and stimulate collagen synthesis, which further strengthens the natural framework.
The effect of the course lasts for 1-2 years, after which correction is required, during which time the threads will be tightened.

Body cosmetic procedures are usually prescribed to patients depending on their age, since it is no secret to anyone that at different stages of life, our bodies have certain resources. So improving physique and skin at 25 is much easier than after 50. That's why in adulthood the effects will be more pronounced, and at an early age - instead of supportive. support and prevention.