Facial rejuvenation serum: indispensable in cosmetic bags

Tired of searching for a rejuvenating product that often wastes you money and to no avail? Then, it's time to get used to the effective anti-aging serum! What ingredients are they, how are they differences, how to choose the right ingredients, and many other interesting information you'll read here.

Understand whey

effective facial rejuvenation serum

The amount of active ingredient in serum is doubled compared to cream.

A concentrated product or energy cocktail with a high content of bioactive substances in a consistent liquid form called a serum or serum. Compared to the cream form, the amount of active ingredient in it doubles. The most important feature of this product is the unique formulation of the ingredient, which is almost completely absorbed by the skin cells.

Thanks to this action, the anti-aging serum has an immediate effect on the transformation of the skin on the face.

You can start using them from the age of 25, as serums are designed to meet the needs of skin of all ages.

What's the difference

Many people do not understand how serums differ from regular lotions or other cosmetics, considering it another marketing hoax or a trick of cunning manufacturers who decided to increase bean sales. by bringing a new product to the market. In fact, there is a difference. They look like this:

  • is ​​the most saturated most concentrated emulsion with many rejuvenating bioactive ingredients;
  • their consistency is created in such a way that active substances quickly, penetrate deeply into the structure of the skin, are gradually released and perform their job;
  • the amount of preservatives in their composition is much lower, as opposed to creams;
  • after the first time using this product, you will see a positive change in your skin;
  • the consumption of such a product is minimal, since it needs to be drunk in a few drops;
  • preparations are enriched not only with vitamins, minerals but also with active acids that help activate the process of rejuvenation in cells.

What are they capable of

These formulas are not chosen according to the cuticle type, but are dependent on existing skin problems that need to be addressed.

An anti-aging serum with ability to:

  • significantly rejuvenates the epidermis, improving its quality and appearance;
  • visibly tightens aging and sagging skin that has lost its elasticity;
  • smoothes fine lines and fine lines of age due to the high concentration of active ingredients;
  • to remove pigmentation and whiten skin surface;
  • to quell inflammatory reactions;
  • for strengthening of small vessels and capillaries;
  • eliminates dryness and tension;
  • to increase the tone and local immunity of the epidermis.

General recommendations

how the serum rejuvenates the facial skin

Cosmetologists recommend the following advice:

  • chooses a product based on your skin concerns. It is wrong to choose a serum according to the type of epidermis, ignoring its blemishes;
  • many manufacturers specify the age on the package, which makes it easier to navigate when buying;
  • due to their high concentration of active ingredients, these preparations can cause an allergic reaction, so they require a preliminary test on the skin in the wrist area;
  • your purchase will be useful if you make it after consulting with a esthetician or dermatologist;
  • scrutinizes the product's ingredients, depending on the season, meaning lighter preparations are more suitable for warm seasons, and concentrated preparations for cold seasons;
  • apply the emulsion in the minimum amount (drop by drop) and only after cleaning the skin's surface. After 20 minutes, a thin layer of daily lotion can be applied to the skin.

The anti-aging serum can be used morning and evening, as they have no time limit.

Serum should be applied to previously cleaned skin.

Correct usage

The serum is applied exclusively to previously cleansed facial skin, taking into account the direction of the main massage lines, both morning and evening. In the morning such makeup remover can be replaced by toning on your skin, at night you will have to spend more time to completely remove makeup and dirt that accumulates during the day.

A serum applied immediately after peeling will have the maximum effect, because the epidermis is stripped of the dead horny layer, which retains a certain component on the surface.

Read the following rules for its application:

  • apply the serum with gentle massage movements, starting from the center of the forehead, gradually towards the temples, then treating the cheeks from the center to the sides, then the nose, chin and neck. .
  • Cosmetologists recommend using cosmetics lines of the same manufacturer, as they often supplement, enrich each other and contribute to a more pronounced anti-aging effect.
  • Such a remedy is recommended according to the implied daily use regimen for 3 months, after which the manufacturer must be discontinued or replaced.
  • Do not exceed the dose so as not to saturate the skin with active ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. Each vial of such serum is specially equipped with a dispenser or pipette, ensuring a sufficient amount of product is drawn (approximately 3 to 4 drops).
  • Always read the preparation instructions carefully before use, as some manufacturers recommend dabbing the composition thoroughly into the cuticles.
  • If you are using serums and lotions, then you should definitely observe the rest time between applying these two preparations, which on average last about 5-10 minutes.
  • You should not use such rejuvenating serum more than 2 times a day. During the year, no more than 4 treatments are used, in between, it is imperative to rest so that the skin can rest and not get used to the same product.
  • Multiple active serums are allowed at the same time, but they must be applied to different parts of the face. This is best done after consulting and consulting with your esthetician.


Any cosmetic product requires strict adherence to all manufacturer's instructions, therefore:

  • a young epidermal serum unsuitable for aging skin;
  • only used regularly will have a long-term anti-aging effect;
  • when there are papillomas and vascular networks, such serums should not be used, as they will receive the maximum amount of active nutrients that stimulate further growth and increase in size;
  • if you have dark skin and do not want to change color then it is best not to use a serum because it has whitening effect;
  • Serums
  • designed to improve and restore oval and facial contours are not recommended before age 35.

Rated for the best anti-aging serums

For the readers who want to choose a really high quality anti-aging serum, we give the following popularity rating:

  1. Anti-stress Serumdelivers youthful, radiant and rested skin from the very first use. It contains valuable amino acids, echium, and vegetable oils for instant improvement and daily stress relief. The drug is packaged in separate tubes, each designed for 1 application. The full application process is about 3 weeks. This serum is not recommended for those with sensitive cuticles, as it can cause irritation.
  2. Concentrateis ​​very popular for its lightweight, fast-absorbing gel-like texture that leaves no marks and a sticky feeling on the skin. Immediately after application, skin becomes firm, radiant and velvety soft. Fine wrinkles are blurred, skin visibly stretched.
  3. Rejuvenating Serumis ​​recommended for all skin types, but ideal for oily and combination skin. The drug actively smoothes even apparent wrinkles, and is consumed very sparingly, since 1 time use literally only needs 2-3 drops.