Laser facial rejuvenation: what is it

Every woman to pay attention to the face you want, for as long as possible to preserve youth, beauty. But I have to say that this is the neck, which I think is less likely, give me your real age ladies. In fact, it's very strange, a funny situation, when the fairer sex isn't a well-groomed face, wrinkled neck. In this article, we will discuss laser resurfacing of the neck, as a procedure to improve the skin.

What is the laser skin rejuvenation neck

The application of a laser beam not only for medical but also for cosmetic purposes to increase the ability of people to change the appearance. So, currently you can easily achieve a beautiful skin, face and neck free of wounds, acne, scars, age spots.

laser rejuvenation

Also, the laser beam can be used to remove the signs of aging. 75 % of all cases of laser rejuvenation is used by cosmetologists to eliminate the wrinkles, bags under the eyes and tightening the facial contours. This procedure is the advantages, disadvantages, but the implementation should be entrusted only to the professionals.

Laser skin rejuvenation face, neck, and hands one of the most serious cosmetic procedures, which are designed for absolute removal of unwanted pigmentation and wrinkles. The procedure is performed the laser installation. The hardware settings allow the master to control the temperature, the penetration depth of the beam. A very important part of this process, the competent selection of the appropriate parameters, because any error in the burn.

Select the perfect settings for the laser unit, the beautician takes into account the client's skin type, the thickness of the zone of the renewal. Also the doctor takes into account what the patient wants, what the problem should be corrected.

Counseling the client for the first time, the specialist explains that the elimination of the wrinkles impossible for a time to undergo procedures. After selecting the desired (safe) options begins to gradually skin treatment laser beam. As a result, the high temperature the destructive effect which the cells of the skin and the tissues are renewed.

Type of laser skin rejuvenation for neck, face

Laser rejuvenation is usually a quite broad concept of the procedure, but there are several varieties.

Ablative fractional resurfacing is a widely known option for cosmetic manipulations, which can help you get rid of a few minor errors. In order to remove them quickly permanently, then it must be rare, because the merging of more skin imperfections for a difficult job, and the doctor makes it impossible to solve this problem one or two times.

Cell renewal in different areas of the face, neck occurs that is not equal to speed. This is due to the fact that in some areas the integrity of the tissues may be broken, but the more he is able to stay healthy. Special point the laser used for the treatment of extremely problematic areas.

Laser biorevitalizatsiya – new the cosmetology. This procedure can effectively eliminate the wrinkles, scars, the pain, the surgery. Served short pulses separated by the upper layer of the skin. This effect accelerates the process of cell division, activate the production of collagen, so the skin renewal. New fabric is always smooth and flexible.

The performance of the procedure depends on a special mixture, which makes it a beautician. After the cells, he got to fill in the nutrients that had a positive effect on the condition of the epidermis.

Non-ablative rejuvenation. The peculiarity of this procedure is to use a long laser beam, which is processed, the entire surface of the face. The effect is manifested not only in the elimination of wrinkles, but also acne, scars, hyper-pigmentation.

Laser recurring. This is performed using a sapphire or erbium laser. During the procedure, facilitating effect on the tissues, which face skin firmer, more elastic, removing the acne, the changes in contour.

Total fractional rejuvenation of the face, neck. The effect of this procedure is manifested in the elasticity of the skin, improves the voice, the renewal of the tissues. According to beauticians, this method is the laser resurfacing of the neck is used most frequently.

The advantages of this technique include the complications, which is very important in medical practice. Total fractional rejuvenation of the face, neck of the most simple, safe method.

The advantages of the possibility of fractional skin rejuvenation:

  • reduce the pores;
  • wrinkle removal;
  • smooth, natural shades of the skin of the face, neck;
  • the elimination of a vascular network;
  • elimination of hyper-pigmentation;
  • velvety skin.

The above positive results can be achieved by the patients of not only the annual average, but also as a result of laser skin rejuvenation-neck, cut-out face to face, after 50 years. This happens because the action of the high energy beam is just as effective at any age.

Today, women often choose laser resurfacing, fractional resurfacing method. Take a closer look.

Fractional laser skin rejuvenation of the neck, as well as traditional laser resurfacing: what is the difference between

All known laser resurfacing carried out in the standard machines, the laser burning out the problematic areas of the skin. The laser beam makes on the skin surface of the solid burn, which begins to grow the new tissue. After the implementation of the face, the neck will be like a big wound, recovery may take months. Besides, there is a high likelihood of side effects, such as hyperpigmentation, scarring, infection, development of inflammatory process.

Fractional laser resurfacing a machine is a much simpler method, without any side effects. This system is called DART – wave dermal optical thermolysis, as we speak, rejuvenating system that combines two energy – CO2-laser-beam (fractional skin rejuvenation) and rf.

The following happens: the laser radiation to affect the skin is broken, a special scan of the large number of equal-sized smaller beams, which are equal distance from each other. Affect the skin, mini-radiation destroys the cells-the grid, thus forming the micro-areas of thermal damage. It seems like the particular matrix of the damaged and healthy plots. Consequently, this will start the recovery process, the cells of the treated area of the skin renews itself.

The radio-frequency radiation increases the regeneration processes (lesions), activates the synthesis of fibroblasts, affects the normalization of intercellular exchange, forcing the skin cells to work in a "young" mode.

Laser recurring unit is effective in combating acne, scars, wounds, wounds, neoplasms (birthmarks, warts), hyperpigmentation, stretch marks. It also helps the adjustment pores: in this specific case, by an independent procedure.

That's the procedure the laser skin rejuvenation neck

Three stages, which include a method of cleaning and regenerating to the skin.

Applied to the skin of the face, neck special tool, which gives the skin the nutrients, preparations for the subsequent laser exposure.

Cosmetology lead the laser beam on the problem area of the skin. The length of the beam and the time of exposure laid down by the professional and it depends on the problem solving of the real state of the epidermis. The method of anesthesia chosen type of procedure. If the treatment involved in the interface, or the middle level of the skin, the use of local anesthetics appointment if deep – the application of general anesthesia.

In this section of the face, neck, application of a special toothpaste, which helps to regenerate the tissue in the quick healing of the skin.

All stages of the procedure during the examination of the doctor. The operating equipment is also carried out under the supervision of the person establishing the desired settings on the laser device (length, radius, and the time of the action). For these reasons, the expenditure is simply not available.

The laser beam is directed to the problem area of the skin, burns of the upper layer, thereby eliminating the errors. In addition, the light stimulates the next cell reset, to increase. Such a reaction, the cells, the laser beam activates the independent production of the collagen responsible for the skin's elasticity.

It should be noted that the laser beam is able to destroy micro-organisms. This eliminates the pathogenic flora of the skin, it immediately to disinfect it.

What is the effect of laser skin rejuvenation neck

The effect of laser resurfacing the skin on the neck can be compared to the result obtained in the operating methods:

  • the enhancement of the skin elasticity;
  • elimination of the wrinkles;
  • remove the bad areas of the skin;
  • improving the cells osmotic pressure.
  • the elimination of pigmentation.

The result is visible already at the first meeting. Skin neck updated, so on the basis that the patients, we can safely subtract the age of 8-10 years.

To the most pronounced and stable results, it is recommended to undergo laser resurfacing, the skin of the neck, which is 2 to 4 treatments with an interval of 1-3 months. It is necessary to consult a specialist, who will determine the appropriate session number in person. The results are very encouraging clients who have undergone laser skin rejuvenation of the neck.

The pros and cons of laser skin rejuvenation neck


  • visible rejuvenation of the skin;
  • the elimination of the small wounds, acne, scars, pigmentation, and other errors;
  • no cuts, punctures, but of course the scars.


  • the healing period lasts 5-7 days;
  • the need, of course, the four treatment;
  • limit your sun exposure.

Before you enroll, look for more information about the laser skin rejuvenation of the neck, what is the advantages and disadvantages before after the procedure. Only after learning this information the decision.

Rehabilitation after laser resurfacing the skin on the neck

Laser dermatology, the neck is usually performed under local anesthesia. On the skin apply a thin layer of special funds, as well as the patient does not experience pain during the treatment. However, after the tissue in a certain period of time can be saved to increased sensitivity, dryness and red.

To get rid of these symptoms should be applied to the skin, moisturizing, cooling effect. Day after grinding to avoid contact with the water. In addition, a few weeks after the procedure, it is recommended that you use the sunscreen. It should be noted that the laser skin resurfacing of the neck, the price, which is quite big, gives very good results.

As independently prolong the effect after laser skin rejuvenation neck

Home peels

application of the mask

The first, most important process, perfect skin rejuvenation of the face, neck peeling. This allows you to easily remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin.

Most likely, salt, baking soda, oat flour (can be done independently, cut, Hercules the blender), yogurt.

You will need a big spoon each of the ingredients. Connect them and mix. If you are the owner of the very dry, add to the mixture all unrefined vegetable oil. A brush with soft bristles, massage the face, neck and neckline with gentle circular strokes. Continue this two to three minutes. Then rinse the mixture with water to apply a nourishing cream.

Homemade mask

You need 30 g fresh yeast (or 1 sachet dry) , ½ small spoon of olive oil. The yeast should be diluted in 60 ml of water, adding butter. Just mix gently, and wait five minutes. The mask should be applied in four layers, each subsequent layer must be applied to the previous.

You will need 25 g of cereal. I need to pour 120 ml of hot water and let cool. Further, the mask should be applied to the skin to cover the parchment, sealed in the towel.

Wrap neck home

Heat, canvas (olive) oil +40 °C, and then applied with a brush to the problem areas, cover with a thin cloth, and fasten it as you wish. This unusual wrap is recommended to take the neck up in the morning and night after applied the oil is absorbed into the skin, not to wash.

In order to ensure that the skin on his neck was flat, smooth, perform this procedure a couple of times a week.