Skin rejuvenation of the body. How to rejuvenate your skin for a refreshing bath

Skin rejuvenation of the body in our age of advanced technology it's possible that almost every beauty salon or clinic, face rejuvenation all complexes. Techniques – medical, surgical, plastic, etc. but these are very expensive, but not every woman can afford. In addition, not everyone is safe. I will say that a is completely safe method of rejuvenation of skin at home – anti-aging, Spa bath.

Skin rejuvenation body – refreshing bath

bath salt

With age the skin cells aging, start to recover slowly. We want this process to speed up or slow down the aging process. And it's possible. As I said above, today there are many ways. We recommend that you use a method of skin rejuvenationthat you can apply at home – rejuvenating bath based on the useful minerals, and other components are not expensive or that together (herbs).

What does the condition (freshness, smoothness, elasticity, etc.) the skin? Of course, the condition of your health, which in turn depends on the number of applicants to the cells of nutrients and oxygen. What the skin should be driven within, it is undeniable that this could not be without the young, beautiful from the outside, but it's rejuvenating spa is also actively involved in the process of healing, improving the metabolism and blood circulation, thus facilitating the more efficient assimilation of nutrients.

The compositions and substances, to a refreshing bath, soak the skin, more flexible, soft, soft. This may be the different essential oils, herbal extracts, no minerals, milk, fruit juice, etc. Let's look at some effective recipes for a refreshing bath.

Skin rejuvenation – body refreshing bath recipes

The simplest rejuvenating bathis a bath of sea salt. Sea salt contains a huge amount of useful items, which contribute to the fact that the skin is smooth, elastic, but not hard. Bath, sea salt can relieve, irritation, exfoliation, tone the skin, as well as the withdrawal from the harmful toxins.

A bath in an instant: enter a full tub of water (37-38°C), then add about 300 grams of sea salt.

A rejuvenating sea salt bath, evening for 15-20 minutes.

Also a wonderful rejuvenating effect of a spa, sea algae (extract from the laminaria or fucus). The algae contains a large number of useful skin substances, which are the terrestrial plants does not occur. These baths can be purchased in pharmacies.

To them, observing the instructions indicated on the packaging.

clay bath

Bath clay is another way to rejuvenate the skin. These baths improve the skin tone, improves the blood circulation and effectively removes the skin's sebum, dead skin cells, impurities. The preparation of such a bath is better, that or white or blue clay. Dissolve in the warm water in the bathtub, not more than 500 grams of clay, take a bath 20 minutes. Then a warm shower without using soap or gel.

The skin rejuvenating bath apply cool bath (water temperature should not exceed +20°C). This is to prevent early wrinkles, holyblue skin bath is added or the infusion of pine needles, or pine oil. Such a bath should be no more than 5 minutes, otherwise, hypothermia, patient.

Bath milk can also help to rejuvenate the skin. These baths can be both goat and cow's milk, with the addition of fruit juices, and oils. So, pour in the bath water (36-37°C) not more than 2 liters of goat's milk for 25 minutes. And then, without rinsing, Pat the skin with a towel.

The following recipe for rejuvenating milk bath can be used as the cow, goat milk. Milk (2 litres) it is necessary to heat slightly, then dissolve in a 15ml rose oil. The resulting mixture pour into the tub with water take 15 minutes. Then accent is located in benicassim the stupa I in the shower.

>The skin rejuvenation you can apply and herbal baths. These baths also have anti-aging effects, soothing. So, 2 tbsp. spoon, birch leaf, strawberry, eucalyptus, 3 tablespoons mint leaves, to 1.5 tablespoons of walnut leaves, pour this mixture in 2 litres of boiling water and leave to infuse for approximately two hours. After this infusion, strain, and pour into the bath water. Take a bath no more than 20 minutes.

Furthermore, regeneration of the skin of the body may be bathed in a thyme, lemon balm. 100 grams of each herb pour a liter of boiling water, cover and steep for about 1.5 hours. Then proceed as in the previous recipe.

Also rejuvenating bath is also made of a collection of herbs, such as lavender, yarrow, mint, chamomile, rosemary. These herbs fill a gauze bag, into the hot water to an infusion. Then this is the infusion out of the bath with water for 15-20 minutes.

bath herbs

Skin rejuvenation – body rules of the admission of a refreshing bath

The first thing before, to a refreshing bath, you should wash thoroughly. This promotes better skin absorption of nutrients. I don't have a refreshing bath full stomach – after a meal should be at least 2 hours. If time allows, it is better if this procedure, before eating.

A refreshing cold bath, if the water temperature is not more than 20°C, but account for approximately 5 minutes. Neutral (paragraphs 34 to 37°C), warm (37-39°C) bath – no more than 20-25 minutes, then hot (40-42°C) – 5 to 10 minutes. If you have a tendency to the cardiovascular diseases, hot bath is contra-indicated.