Homemade anti aging mask for the face: select the best recipe

The women, the fear, the suspicion, the fear, the subconscious mind perceives the information age. Breaking the 40-year-old ladies rushing to beauty salons. The girls are ready for more, just to maintain the appearance of youth: they resort to the other, mesotherapy, Botox injections. Few know that anti-aging face mask is the best alternative to salon procedures.

Every girl needs to know that the more recipes "miracle" mask is regular as well as emergency care. A time to apply the quick solution to a specific problem, to eliminate the swelling, skin lifting, etc.


Costly services of beauty salons is not always a guarantee of a positive outcome. If in the pursuit of saving money to go to Amateurs, can damage the skin. It is important to understand that after 40 years the excessive skin care is not desirable. If you are not a professional approach, it might hurt, but a lack of care altogether.

Care tips for Mature skin

Aging of skin is important not only for cosmetic procedures, but the appropriate daily care. Help developed on the basis of which it is possible to effectively apply the regenerating mask. Without help from a professional beautician in this matter. The specialist determines the nature and intensity of occurrence of age-related changes, you can set the type of the point that will help you choose to care.

The skin care is important to the daily ritual of its own rules, rules:

  • cosmetics, make-up removing carefully with light, gentle strokes;
  • the remedies, masks to narrow pores;
  • the complete rejection of the washing of the water;
  • mandatory exfoliate the upper Horny layer of the epidermis;
  • hydration of the skin, saturated with micro-elements, vitamins.

If you notice the signs of aging, the skin needs special care. This includes cosmetic treatments to remove pigmentation and increase.

Clean the face not more than 2 times a day. During the morning the water treatments allowed the use of soft gel or foam. Sunset after removing makeup, apply makeup cream. In the final stage the skin is wiped with a toner, tightens the pores, treated with milk cream.

Complex effects characteristic of the algae mask. Especially popular product on the basis of the laminaria. Welcome exfoliation, scrub. In this case, taken advantage of, not only the people, recipes, and professional cosmetic products. If necessary, visit SPA-salons, salons.

Recommendations for use of masks

Anti-aging Face use not more often, weekly 2 times, the maximum exposure time, the composition – about 20 minutes. A course duration of not more than 12 weeks, it is important to take a break of 4-6 months. Negate the effect of the saturation of the skin with moisturizing ingredients, nutrients.

The maximum advantage in order to achieve the masks, it is important to adhere to the simple recommendations:

  • the rejuvenating mixture is applied to clean skin without land, makeup, etc.;
  • the exposure duration of 15-25 minutes (depending on recipe);
  • in addition to the face it is important to treat the neck, the chest – those areas of the body where aging is "printed" in the first place;
  • during a session you need to stay calm, forgetting about household chores;
  • remove the texture after the procedure, apply the clean water, or chilled herbal decoction.

Having regard to the special compositions: careful attention should be paid to alginate mask, anti-aging, sell the finished form. Fill the pores, amino acids, trace elements, characteristic of leveling, lifting and rejuvenating effect.

The home, the ageing of the epidermis by using some healthy ingredients: lemon, oil, cucumber juice, clay, fruits. Better ingredients in masks for oily skin. If your skin is prone to flaking, dryness, it is better to the yolk, vegetable cellulose, natural cream and milk.

Gelatinous mask against wrinkles

Gelatin is a natural ingredient, which can easily adjust the shape of the face. It tightens, cleanses the clogged pores, that provides high-efficiency masks on. Cosmetologists recommend to combine this product with other ingredients for maximum results.


  • 20 mg of gelatin;
  • 10 mg of corn flour;
  • 20 ml cream or milk;
  • 50 ml of warm water.

The sequence of blend preparation: gelatin pour hot water, mix thoroughly until dissolved, and then infused for 30-40 minutes. Then add a part of cream, corn flour.

gelatin-mask-the-correction-oval face

Gelatin mask is applied on the surface of the skin with gentle strokes. Initially processed area of the chin, then shifted to the earlobe. Next row – in the corners of the mouth, the middle part of the ear. Then the area of the impact along the massage lines of the upper lip to the highest part of the ear.

The fastening of the anti-aging participate in 20-30 minutes. This time in a horizontal position, the maximum relax. After the mix wash, moisturize your face with a nourishing cream.

Mask based on the yeast

Consistency on the basis of yeast – a unique anti-aging mask home, characterized by a rich chemical composition and a powerful rejuvenating effect. We're talking about is incredibly useful for fungal skin blend – a unique product, rich in vitamins, amino acids, potassium, fatty acids, etc.


  • 20 mg of dry yeast;
  • 3-5 ml of olive oil;
  • 20-30 ml of milk;
  • 20-30 mg apple (1 slice);
  • 10 mg of horseradish root.

Dry yeast pour preheated milk composition gently mixed. To the mixture add the grated horseradish root, small pieces of apple, and olive oil. Consistency mix until homogeneous slurry. The product can be applied on the face, the neck in a thin layer for 20 minutes, then wash with warm decoction of sage.

Recipes for fruit masks

Without exception, all fruits are good for the human body, especially when you age group more than 40. The main feature of the anti-aging mask on the basis of the components of fruit to penetrate deep into the skin, stimulates the regeneration processes at the cellular level. In addition, rich, unique biological elements.

The beneficial properties of natural fruits:

  • micro-nutrients, regulates the metabolism, stimulates the reproduction of cells;
  • the fruits contain natural substances, vitamins;
  • the fruit pulp is rich in organic acids, which dissolve the dead and contaminated skin;
  • antioxidants slow the natural aging process, reduce the risk of free radicals.

We are talking about a complex effect on the human body. Fruit face nourishing, regeneration of the epidermis. They are used, regardless of woman's age.

Safe, healthy and effective recipes:

  1. Banana. The average size of the fruit is removed, the meat and gently knead. Add 40 mg cottage cheese, 40 ml of cream. The consistency is that 1 egg yolk. Exposure duration – 25 minutes, wash the part with cold water.
  2. Orange. 1 large orange peel, then stir the curd mass ratio 1:1. The consistency, add 20 ml of liquid honey. This mask is characterized by a pronounced tonic effect, it soothes and refreshes the skin. Beauticians proved to be the rejuvenating effects of the natural ingredients.
  3. Apple. A medium-sized Apple, boiled milk. Then, without draining the fluid parts, pulverized in a blender to a puree. The mixture is used as a clean consistency to the face.
  4. Persimmon. Persimmon, gently separate the meat. The mask is very 40 to 50 mg of the fruit. The cellulose is added to 20-30 ml of warm milk, 1 beaten egg, white. The ingredients mix thoroughly, then applied to the skin. This will soften the epidermis, tones and refreshes in parallel increases the flexibility of the cover.

Beauticians recommend that you regularly treat your skin to the fresh berry juice, pulp. We are talking about biologically active, enriched with natural ingredients which are beneficial for the skin of the body. To hurt them is impossible.

Vegetable mask

Women spend huge money for buying masks, creams to maintain the skin young, smooth, clean, nice condition. Homemade masks but no less effective, anti-aging product, it is easy to prepare at home. Below are the most affordable, effective recipes.


Sometimes the skin is treated with freshly squeezed carrot juice. It's not a fine grater, then add 30 ml of fresh honey. Pre-composition to verify that the individual tolerance. The mask covers the face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then wash with warm water. The carrot gives the skin freshness, elasticity and natural tone.



Large tomatoes, cut in half, and gently rubbing the surface of the skin. Tomato juice leave on the face for no longer than 10 minutes to dry completely. Remove the mask, wash it off with water. This mixture is characterized by softening, rejuvenating effect.

The potatoes

Potatoes – best herbal treatment for oily skin. The fruit is divided into 2 parts, and then gently rubbed into the surface of the skin in a circular massaging motion. As such, the juice is left for 20 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. This is a useful composition for the wrinkles to smooth out.

The mask to the face in a thin layer, the effect of the massage lines. The area under the eyes, the mouth is still free.

Recipes clay-based

Anti-aging masks homemade clay-based characterized by a pronounced lifting effect. The most useful of the white clay. To prepare, sweep 5 to 10 ml of the olive tree, 20 to 30 ml of pure water. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed to obtain a thick sludge.

The fading of pigmented skin choice is a simple recipe made with the following ingredients:

  • 10 mg of blue clay;
  • 40 ml milk;
  • 40-60 mg of white clay;
  • 5 ml lemon ester.

The maximum-term impact on the problem areas for 15 minutes. The mixture is then rinsed in warm water, a feed, a moisturizing body lotion or cream.

blue-clay-stimulates the blood circulation

Egg protein regeneration mask

Since ancient times the mankind used chicken egg not just the cooking, but also as an important ingredient in cosmetics. The value of this natural product, the full effect. The egg yolk is used to affect the dry skin. Protein in their composition are better suited for the treatment of oily skin.

Recipes for anti-aging formulas for the face:

  • 10 mg of starch was mixed with 50 ml of wheat flowers infusion, add 1 egg white. The composition is whipped with a mixer until smooth, add 4 ml of lemon extract;
  • 5 ml of tincture of marigold in combination with 1 chicken egg yolk, mix and put on problem areas;
  • Linseed oil mixed with cream in a ratio of 1:1, add a part of 1 egg yolk, and mix thoroughly;
  • 20 ml lemon juice whisk 1 protein, and the texture of a peach in 5 ml of ether.

Each mask, the recipe, which is described above, suitable for ageing of the epidermis. With the exception of individual intolerance to the natural product.

The herbs effectiveness

The first cosmetic products to the face was natural grass. Women for centuries all over the world use them for rejuvenation, cleansing of the epidermis. 21. century the herbal masks are also used to get rid of a lot of aesthetic problems.

The product anti-aging mask are suitable for:

  • aloe;
  • mint;
  • lemon;
  • parsley;
  • clover;
  • fennel;
  • aloe;
  • psyllium;
  • primrose.

The wrinkles on the basis of aloe juice

Aloe Vera juice, to relieve fatigue, swelling, and return the elasticity to the aging skin. 1 full course increases the produced collagen, wrinkles are smoothed out, they become smaller.


  • 20 ml of aloe juice;
  • 7 ml of glycerol;
  • 7 ml of extract, peach.

The pre-filtered aloe juice for getting rid of the pulp plants. Part of adding a glycerol-peach oil in the ratio of 1:1. Apply the mask for 15 minutes on the cleansed face.

Sage to rejuvenate the aging skin

Sage contains a lot of minerals, vitamins. It is suitable for the aging skin because it stimulates the synthesis of elastin, characterized by a mild action. After 7-8 sessions rejuvenating the epidermis.


  • 20 g of cottage cheese;
  • 2 egg yolks;
  • 20 g sage.

Pour in boiling water, the chopped herbs, and then kneaded in a porcelain dish brings the egg yolks, cheese. Cosmetic spatula to spread evenly on the problem areas. Session duration of 20 minutes.


All cosmetic procedures for preparation, there are certain limitations of application. Anti-aging anti-wrinkle mask is not an exception to this rule, but the number of contraindications to a minimum:

  • the presence of active dermatitis;
  • fever;
  • individual intolerance to the ingredients of the composition;
  • the inflammation on the surface of the skin, the structure, wounds, ulcers;
  • infectious diseases;
  • women under 30 years old.

Experienced beauticians propose to select the unique composition of the skin, experiment with the ingredients. Homemade mixes are always a positive salon analogues easy preparation, availability, and performance. And the fight age changes of the skin they proved to be the best side.