Oil face rejuvenation

Beauty - terrible force, that will be the owner of the attractive appearance, the modern women devote a lot of time, attention to take care of your skin, especially if we talk about the face, neck, decollete. The current stage of development of the cosmetology received widespread oil the skin to regenerate.

oil the skin to regenerate

Now, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity uses them in various masks, creams, lotions.

Age-related changes

The age of the uncanny ability to impact the appearance. That sounds sad, but unfortunately true. With age the skin loses firmness, elasticity causing wrinkles, sagging. The first wrinkles usually appear around the eyes and forehead. After 40 is applied to the area of nasolabial folds, it begins the deformation age, droop.

It all happens because the skin cells lose moisture, you lose the ability to restore and update.

It is therefore essential to ensure the proper care. Of course, most imperfections can be hidden with cosmetics. Remember, however, that if the time does not begin to stop the aging process, the consequences can be terrible.

Face rejuvenation - is a common among the modern women procedure, to the end of the salons. But you can fight age-related changes, without the help of beauticians. The natural ingredients home to cook a variety of masks, creams, lotions, or scrubs, which will help you keep the youth for many years.

Use the aging skin

Recently natural oils to the widespread aspiration to the young people. The fight against the skin aging is simply not equal. Cosmetic oil is used in masks, creams, and other ways of smoothing the wrinkles. The beneficial properties of these oils are endless. But there are several reasons why you have become a real favorite of the majority of cosmetologists, modern women.

  1. This is completely natural products, which contain no benefits, parabens, preservatives. On the contrary, they contain many useful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which are only positive effects to the skin.
  2. The human skin is the most susceptible to cosmetic oils , as the creams are quickly absorbed and penetrate into the inner epidermal cells.
  3. A less aggressive effect on the skin, in contrast to the artificial way, which, among other things, may cause allergic reactions, redness, sensitive skin.
  4. Completely harmless to the skin, since it does not break the natural balance, while the natural protective layer of the epidermis.
  5. The active substance is present in the composition, oils, prevent wrinkles, perfectly clear sound, nourishes even the driest skin.
Use the aging skin

Them only the natural ingredients (nuts, seeds, bones) by cold pressed.

Rules for the use of

There are several ways to use these wonderful means: wipe the face, rubbing them on the depth of the wrinkles (of course, if this is not the essential oil), but it could be in certain proportions to add to the mask (very effective mask, essential oils, red pepper), creams, lotions, peels. But by applying the oil at home, it is important that a few rules that will achieve the most useful effect of the use, and not harm, the health of the skin.

The preparation of all kinds of cosmetic mixtures, compositions containing the oil, always be aware of the following principles:

  1. A tool can't be mixed to more than seven different;
  2. - Esters of a highly active and effective ingredients, therefore, apply to them, that's just a drop (no more than 2-3 drops). In addition, essential oils can cause burns, if illiterate, to use them. They separate to use the base in the form of a cream.
  3. You can't use the same oil for too long, without a break. Optimum it is recommended to use not more than 3 weeks, and then give your skin a rest during the month.
  4. Also before applying the oil, you need to make sure that no allergic reactions to the components. To do this, steal a sample: apply to the area of the bend of the elbow a small amount of oil, then check the status.
Rules for the use of

If you use oil in its pure form, beauticians claim that to achieve better results it is necessary to apply them in the night. The skin at this time most susceptible to the effects of different funds, therefore, useful ingredients, vitamins, penetrate deep into the skin.

If you want to prepare masks or creams, be very careful and precise: avoid contact with the mucous membranes, the lips, the eyes.

Also don't apply the oil to the eye area because the skin is very sensitive become irritated.

Before applying all the tools you need to thoroughly clean the skin. First, remove the residual cosmetics, because the skin under the influence of the decoration means that it is closed, accordingly, do not penetrate the useful ingredients. Second, the face, the beauticians advice to use a special foam to the face, but in any case not a soap opera, because it is very dry skin, so bad. Next, moisten a cotton pad with the lotion or tonic and wipe face.

After cleaning, steam the skin pores open more and more open to the effects of the nutrients. Now the skin is ready to apply the care.

A lot of girls don't consider another important aspect, the use of oils. We're talking about the method. It is very important that the composition of the skin that it's using elements of massage: in a circular motion, moving in the horizontal direction of the massage lines.

As soon as the device essential oil in skin rejuvenation are the face, we recommend you completely relax.

The expression on his face remains motionless: it's impossible to talk to, to laugh. Better to just lie on the couch or bed and close your eyes. Allow to soak well.

As a general rule, cream, oil, leave overnight, then rinse the mask after 15-20 minutes. When you start to remove the mask, in any case, do not RUB the skin. Better gentle flowing movements will not remove the resources from the face. After washing, do not RUB the skin with a towel, leave to dry naturally.

The best:

Each oil has its own purpose works specific deficiencies. Therefore, to correctly select the device, you need to decide in what order you want to apply.


A rejuvenating mask, sesame seeds

Oil obtained in the sesame seeds, they keep the best for the skin because it is suitable for all types of. Actively influence the processes of regeneration and renewal of the skin cells, which can occur in the age much more slowly, and therefore contributes to the renewal. It is also a great impact on other problems of the skin: desquamation, irritation, etc. And fatty acids, and lecithin, which is included in the composition, protects the face, the exposure to adverse environmental factors (sun, wind, pollution).

A rejuvenating mask, sesame seeds

Need to mix the two types of oil: sesame and cocoa. Apply the mixture on cleansed face, leave for 20-25 minutes. Rinse with warm water.


Oil extract, burdock, or rather just the root. It's a wide distribution, cosmetic, and medicinal purposes. This oil large quantities of vitamins, minerals, which are beneficial for aging skin, toning, reducing wrinkles. It should be noted that burdock oil - female assistant not only in the care of the skin mask, it also strengthens hair, nails.

The protein is located in the burdock, it helps to maintain the natural lipid balance of the skin, increase the elasticity. Often added to anti-aging mask for the skin around the eyes.

Constant use of burdock oil in the Cosmetologist allows you to acquire clear contours, delicate skin.

Smoothing mask

Squeeze a teaspoon of juice of aloe leaves, add five drops of burdock oil and mix with a teaspoon of decoction of parsley. Apply the mixture to your face, to the mixture, dry the residue to wash off after 20-25 minutes.

The recipe for the mask of burdock oil you'll see the next video.


Jojoba oil is produced from shrub growing in North America. In itself means a wax, which has many nutritional and beneficial impact on the skin substances. In particular, this oil has a positive effect on the owners of sensitive skin, prone to effect.

This is one of those oils that is not contraindicated even during pregnancy or during breast-feeding.

Many cosmetologists say that this is the most effective oil in the fight against the age-related changes. In fact, they claim that there are no contraindications, the use.

The mask of wrinkles

Connect the jojoba oil, avocado. Apply to face, neck. Gently rinse with warm water after 15 minutes. Suitable for everyday use.


Normal, unrefined sunflower oil, which can be found on the shelves of any modern grocery store can be used in the preparation of the products, the renewal of the skin. In addition, sunflower is also popular, there flax seed, olive. These oils can be used separately, but the best results are achieved if you mix more than one type at a time. These conventional oil is perfectly combined with essential. However, be careful when mixing essential oils to add to the volume of just a few drops.


Pine resin has long been famous for healing abilities. In the early days it was said that he was the helper of all diseases. Pine occupies a leading position in coniferous forests for its beneficial properties. The pine needle contains nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, necessary for the preservation of youth, beauty, and the micro-and macro.


Pine oil's wonderful effects on the body: it eliminates the viruses, fungi, relieve, eliminate puffiness, prevent the appearance of "crow's feet" around the eyes, combating irritation of the skin, the sounds, the wrinkles.

Also, very often it is a wonder drug, present in shampoos, hair conditioners. The use of such material, the hair healthy, silky. In short, we can say that the pine tree, a warehouse, the beauty of youth to the skin.

Milk thistle

Oil is the milk thistle or the Thistle as we used to call people, active antioxidant. This will help not only wrinkles, but also heals the wounds, but cracks in the skin, combating diseases, such as psoriasis, inflammation, eczema, dermatitis. Also, melting known properties to prevent the absorption of toxic substances in the body.


Almond oil is obtained cold pressing of the beans, peeled almonds. Used for the purpose of skin care, face, body, hair, nails. The composition is enriched in the most important the rejuvenating vitamins: A, B, E, and F. Often almond oil is used for getting rid of "crow's feet", as a positive effect on the delicate skin of the eyelids, without adverse effects, does not cause irritation.


The women used oils for facial rejuvenation, reacts differently to their experiences. For example, many were surprised by the effect of the ordinary olive oil. This is according to the beautiful ladies, serves as an excellent base for masks. It can be added to the various esters of: patchouli, ylang-ylang, bergamot, and with regular use the result is not long to wait: wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is healthy.

Very positive impression on the admirers left castor oil.

It is more gentle, therefore, it cannot be applied in pure form, without using the base. Some of the girls commented that the daily use reduces the wrinkles around the eyes, helps prevent the reappearance. Simply moisten a cotton swab, and gently RUB the composition to the skin of the eyelids.

However, be careful: some women have noticed that after such compress is morning swollen eyelids. Beauticians give you some tips on how to avoid this. It's just very simple: you have to apply oil two to three hours before bedtime, not just before bed.

Exceptional recognition, jojoba oil: the evaluation of the use of, this means the rejuvenation of the skin superior to many modern cosmetic procedures that are the salons.

Many people say that you're still able to emulate the effect of the Botox.

Many compliments received linseed oil. Those who have used it, I noticed that my skin began to look much fresher and younger. Dryness, flaking, or missing.