Mask of strawberries for the person from wrinkles

Hello, dear readers. During the season of the summer berries it is necessary that the all the benefits, this applies not only to eat. Vitamins, nature's bounty, all strawberry, many benefits to the skin. It is necessary to prepare these fragrant berries mask. The preparation may take a while, and the result will be even better than the store-bought remedies. Personally, I love the masks strawberry, the skin is a big nourish, refresh and moisturize, or help you solve a lot of problems.

Strawberry, the face — the use of fragrant berries

Strawberry skin after the mask becomes velvety, nourished with natural vitamins.

  • The berry is rich in vitamin A, which is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effect.
  • Folic acid creates a film that can protect the delicate skin from UV rays of the summer, which is very important in the warm season.
  • The Vitamin C prevents aging, prevents the cells collapse.
  • Biotin, in, strawberry, and restores them.
  • Calcium, potassium, make your face smooth.

The watermelon is a "vitamin charge" of the skin, the composition of, thanks to these masks is able to quickly restore dry skin to effectively cope with the many problems.


Care about the people, it's pretty easy to pick ripe strawberries, preferably in the garden. Applied regularly, the mask makes the skin firm, nourish the vitamins. You have to enjoy the opportunity to pamper face natural care, because in winter the fresh berries, there won't be anymore.

The skin will be useful mask strawberry

Fresh berries are a care complex skin cells, they are used:

  • the slow skin;
  • dry (natural moisturizer);
  • fat (strawberry pores);
  • normal and combination (feeds the cells);
  • the contaminated (there is a cleaning effect);
  • problematic (berry prevents blackheads appearance).

Mask of strawberry is able to display age spots, improves the complexion. To refuse this type of care, then only those who suffer from intolerance to these berries have been open wounds on his face.

To verify that the mask is very easy to wear, if within five minutes there is no reaction, you can easily to the face.

Strawberry mask for face rejuvenation

Mask, natural strawberry can be prepared, as with the addition of food and regular cream.

Mask of strawberry and cream cheese

You will need to grind 4 large berries of the puree, press 2 teaspoon cheese, 1 teaspoon of oil, corresponding to flaxseed or olive and mix well.

Strawberry curd mask

You can replace sour cream, it is desirable that this was the village. The greater the impact, the made mask, add a few drops of vitamin A, vitamin E.

Mix all components until smooth, apply the mask on clean face except the eye area, hold it for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

This recipe is perfect for evening use, to achieve the effect of skin regeneration, you need to use the mask three times a week.

Preparation is necessary before applying. Store in the refrigerator is not recommended.

Cream mask with strawberries

This is the second kind of mask to rejuvenate the face skin. You can cook it a little easier suitable for those who can't stand the smell of dairy products.

You have to pound to a pulp 3 to 4 strawberries, add a teaspoon of cream. Ingredients mix well, apply to your face. After 10 minutes rinse with warm water.

Mask, cherries, strawberries,

This berry mix gives the skin young.

Prepare for berry mask need to grind the mash 8 strawberries, cherries (after removing the bones).

Add half a teaspoon of aloe juice or vegetable oil, honey. The mix, the finished mask apply on face. After 20 minutes rinse with cold water.

Mask of sour cream, strawberries

This recipe will be the flexibility of the skin, refreshes the complexion, reduces inflammation. Regular mask has an exfoliating effect, suitable for the renewal.

The berries squeeze the juice, you need 1 teaspoon. To do this you can crush the strawberries with a fork, after that press the puree cheesecloth.

A small Cup, mix a teaspoon of almond oil, starch, sour cream, fruit juice. All ingredients mix until smooth, then apply on clean face.

Keep the mask 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water, or tea, beer. After that, rinse with cold water.

Mask this recipe is suitable for women with dry or sluggish skin.

Mask of strawberries for the person from wrinkles

To smooth out the wrinkles can mask the strawberries, with the addition of flour: rice, flax or oats.

The main rule is the flour you need to grind yourself using a coffee grinder. In this case, there will not be any contamination.

Prepare the mask have 7 medium berries, 1 teaspoon of any selected flour. Strawberry warming up with a fork, mixing.

If it is very thick, dilute with strong green tea, which will need to be cooled.

Apply the mask on the face, neck, year-old for 20 minutes. Grain is replaced by potatoes, parsley, berries of sea buckthorn.

If we add to this that the mask of aloe juice or lemon with a whitening effect. The duration should be reduced to 10 minutes.

Mask strawberries.

Problem skin can be treated with natural folk ways, I don't have to spend money on advertising and expensive tools.


Mask strawberries have a positive impact on the care of teenage skin. Older age, helps to cope with the rash on the face.

Apply the mask necessary for the test after the skin of the wrist, to protect themselves from the unexpected redness or itching.

A variety of masks strawberry on the pimples.

Honey, eggs, strawberries

Half a Cup of berries to grind the mash, add two whites, a tablespoon of honey. Blend to mix, apply on face twice daily for 15 minutes.

With this mask you will need only the ripe berries. The included parts will be removed, rashes and soothes the skin.

You can use this recipe as a compress. After mixing, apply the mask on the face in two layers, avoiding the eye area.

Cover the gauze pre-cut holes, nose, mouth, eyes. Keep your face's better to be in a horizontal position, 15 minutes.

After that, rinse with warm water. Assuming that the compresses applied 3 times a week, the skin not only moist, but reduce the acne.

Strawberry, cognac

This recipe will be the skin moist, and then remove the infection. Mash with a fork 3 large strawberries, add a tablespoon of cognac.

The mixture apply on the face, avoiding the eye area, leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Mask for dry skin strawberry

Dry skin can also be "happy" masks with the addition of a fatty ingredients.

This composition is a nourishing, moisturizing effect. The summer cosmetic treatments on the basis of berry means that you prepared at home, can help restore optimal moisture balance of the skin cells.

Mask with strawberries is advisable to regularly throughout the season for these berries, but not more than three times a week.

That provides sustenance for dry skin, helps mask the potatoes, and strawberries. To prepare, simply boil a potato mash it thoroughly.

Add the milk and the strawberries will be enough for 6 large berries. The resulting mass apply on face, leave for 20 minutes. Home to wash off the mask with warm water.

Moisturize dry face will help mask of strawberries with whipped cream. Prepare to mash the pulp of 4 ripe strawberries, to introduce the cream, 2 teaspoons.

If the consistency of the mask is too runny, then add a teaspoon of oat flour. Apply a mask on your face for 15 minutes. After this time, a homemade mask, rinse with warm water.

Mask for oily skin strawberry

Oily skin, strawberries are quickly "put in order", the included components to help purify, tighten pores. Regular application of masks with this fruit, and leave the glitter, the skin will be matte, shiny appearance.

Tomato mask with strawberry for cleaning

Such a component, the mask produces a peeling effect, refresh the face, while deep cleaning the pores.

To prepare the pulp (without skin) a ripe tomato, the same amount of strawberries. Connect the pre-ground ingredients are thoroughly mixed in appropriate volume to the dish.


The resulting mask apply on clean face, keep for 15 minutes. If it's time to flush, home remedy for under warm water.

Mask with strawberries, and then add the egg whites

This tool will help to tighten the pores and nourishes the skin. To prepare this strawberry mask, you should mix 3 berries pre-whipped an egg white.

Clean the face suitable for your type of skin. Apply the mask without the eye area, leave for 15 minutes. After a complete rinse with a little warm water.

Mask for normal skin of the strawberry

The normal skin needs daily care: feeding, cleaning, moisturizing. These tasks handle, mask, strawberry, thanks to the addition of the various natural ingredients possible, the different effects to achieve.

Those who are fortunate enough to have normal skin, without certain problems, does not mean that we must give up the masks. The following recipes will help to maintain the youthful appearance of the face.

Basic mask with strawberries

This is the simplest of care to ensure the berries. You need to be sliced 2-3 strawberries, then put them on the face.

You can slightly mash them with a fork, use the same principles to mud. Leave on the face for 15 minutes, then cold water to wash off. During this time, the natural mask will help the skin moist, clean face, reduce the pores.

Mask of strawberry yogurt

The nutritional effect on the skin yogurt to be added to the berries, the amount of two tablespoons.

A thick, then add half a teaspoon of potato starch. Components of such a mask, mix well and apply on face, after 15 minutes, just clean with water.

Mask, strawberry, honey

Made of such ingredients gives the skin a radiant appearance, and a nourishing effect, can eliminate the effect of the "tightness" after removing your makeup or washing your face with the foam.

This mask is preferably applied in the evening, after cleansing the face. It will be necessary for the mash 3 large strawberries, introduce a teaspoon of oil (olive or flaxseed), honey.

Components mix and apply a ready mask on the face. Keep your skin for 20 minutes, thoroughly wash off with water.