The most effective procedure for facial rejuvenation

In recent years, the popular anti-aging cosmetic procedures has increased significantly. This is due mainly to the efficiency, safety, and services a wide range of. Which method is the best, the pros and cons are worried about the women, the choice of the procedure, facial rejuvenation. This is what the speech goes on.

procedure for renewal

The methods of a face rejuvenation

Face – the main weapon of women, so always preserve your beauty for it is very important. Fortunately, modern cosmetology offers many ways of application, which combination will satisfy the wishes of the patients.

Anti-aging facial treatments are divided into these types:

  • Plastic surgery is a drastic method, the rejuvenation of the skin. Fast, effective results against a long recovery period, pain, and the risk of complications.
  • Beauty injections and fillers, according to most experts – the second most effective way to regain her previous complexion, the beauty of the epidermis. It's painless, the recovery period is short, because of the low invasive methods. Along with this, rejuvenating parts, drugs directly supplied to the internal layers, where it begins to be active. The main effect of this technique is healthier skin, accelerating the natural recovery mechanism of the tone and turgor of the tissues of the face.
  • An injection of Botox, Dysport – in the direction of injection cosmetology, which rejuvenate by relaxing facial muscles. Health impact no, but instant solution for guaranteed smoothness.
  • Hardware cosmetology – is an effective method for rejuvenation of the skin of the face, which aims to stimulate, but to accelerate the formation of new collagen building fibers. Under the action of electric current, ultrasound -, laser -, light -, heat-rays, the pulse there is a partial destruction of the old, fat cells, the place which in the future will occupy the newly formed elastin tissue. The procedure is pain-free, there are no special restrictions and can easily be combined with other techniques of rejuvenation. One such method is the radio frequency face lift is an innovative method in the fight against aging.

It should be noted that the hardware cosmetology step forward, so to keep your favorite treatments independently at home. You only need to buy the right tool for face rejuvenation, to study the effects. Convenient, saves time and money.

  • Face massage is a pleasant version of correction of age-related errors. Regular, appropriate effect on the tissues and strengthens them, smoothes, enhances the lymph, blood flow. The action method is able to delay the former shrivelling of the skin are completely harmless to the body.
  • Cosmetics – detergents required for daily use. Masks, scrubs, creams, serum received cream not only refreshment, but also to maintain the fabric in good condition, to protect from outside influences and early aging. Will be an indispensable help for everyone who is not indifferent to the appearance and condition of the skin. In addition, homemade masks, creams, the popular media give you the confidence, the naturalness, the safety of the epidermis.

Salon anti-aging method

The most effective procedure for solving the aging problems of the face without surgery:

  • Laser dermatological treatment rejuvenation include deep cleaning the surface, removal of the old threads in the appearance of the young, flexible. Evaluate the performance of methods in a couple of weeks, however, increasing the effect for a long time of delight. The kind of laser resurfacing include factional treatments, laser resurfacing, photo rejuvenation, laser skin biorevitalizatsiya. The procedure is carried out by a qualified technician with the appropriate equipment complies with the safety standards and precautions. Before conducting the processing by the laser beam, the skin smeared with a special gel. This increases the efficiency, at the same time protecting the burns.
  • RF-lifting is the most common method of hardware cosmetology. The method consists in the exposure of radio wave radiation in the inner layers of the dermis, warming them. The heat stimulates intense production of new collagen, elastin, and the destruction of the old. Approval 25 years, however, more suitable for Mature skin (40 years). Age-related changes such as skin laxity, ptosis of the tissues, the loss of clear contours, fine lines, thanks to the raise of the Russian Federation remains of the past. To complement and consolidate the lifting effect of mesotherapy.
  • Contour refers to the injection methods in solving the aging problem. The essence of the method consists in the subcutaneous administration of drugs containing hyaluronic acid. The drug dosage is determined individually. Through the other, you can set the shape, the volume, the face, the cheekbones, the face, smoothes out wrinkles, get rid of the scars. The procedure of modeling, facial rejuvenation is actively used in hardware cosmetology.
  • Mesotherapy is a method of recovery of the skin and reach the full effect of the young man. The preparation for mesotherapy contains vitamins, nutrients, minerals, trace elements, optionally with hyaluronic acid. After the procedure, the skin, the skin's glowing health, the contours become toned.

Homemade cosmetics, massage

Underestimate the importance of cosmetic products is impossible. Daily facial care – a prerequisite for a young, beautiful face. Active treatment should begin with 25 to 28 years. It was during this period begins with the age-related changes in the epidermis.

Mask weekly 2 times intensely hydrates and nourishes the skin with the necessary nutrients. It can be independently prepared mixtures of honey or kelp.

The owners of active facial expressions, it's very important to include the regular use of the cream to the eye area. The nature of the skin in this area is thinner, more sensitive, that's why the first exposed to aging.

Massage, gymnastics, the face – easy podkorrektirovatj visible defects, strengthens the muscles, and maintain tissue elasticity. Massage Shiatsu allows you to in a short time to achieve significant results.



  • Dayana, 40 years: Decided radio frequency face lifting, which are very positive, 5 months ago. The result so impressed, that I recommend to everyone. The procedure is completely painless, the effect is every day more noticeable. The skin is stretched, straightened the terrain color. Save the result to help olive oil. It moisturizes, nourishes.
  • Irina, 35 years: my own experience I know that mesotherapy, oxygen rejuvenation is the best salon treatment for healthier skin. Does not damage the skin, but fairly quick and effective healing. Intensive moisturizing, clean pores, healthy color, active breathing, the skin is guaranteed.