Essential oils for facial rejuvenation

Essential oils, beautiful skin natural partners. The ancient civilizations knew, nourishing, and restorative power of essential oils to the skin is not used to them the most high-quality natural cosmetic products, preparations for the skin care. A lot of oils, to help fight aging of the skin. Knowledge of the rejuvenating properties of the oils is especially useful for women, because they want to be younger for as long as possible, keep your skin crease free. What oils are best for skin rejuvenation, I read this article.


The skin is the largest organ in our body. It protects us from pathogens, water loss, regulate the temperature. Maybe that's why most people don't pay enough attention to until they start aging, especially the face.

As a general rule, the signs of aging occur much earlier than anywhere else, the other part of the skin. Probably because day after day are exposed to various external factors. The other reason – the skin around the eyes, eyelids is much thinner. In this section are displayed in the aging first signs: wrinkles, crow's feet, sagging.

Skin problems can occur for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Natural aging;
  • Moisture loss;
  • The excessive sun exposure;
  • The use of alcohol;
  • Some diseases of the liver, gastro-intestinal tract;
  • Hormonal balance.
  • Poor nutrition, insufficient intake of nutrients may also be the cause of early wrinkles, aging of the skin.

Skin care using essential oils provides natural skin recovery, decrease fine wrinkles, age spots, improves skin tone, elasticity.

Essential oils derived from flowers, other plant parts, highly concentrated oils that are many useful for the skin materials. One of the main properties of these oils, that they know that the skin of nutrients that won't clog your pores. The molecules of essential oils is much less than most anti-aging products. Easily penetrates the deep layers of the skin, is well absorbed, helps cell renewal and formation of new ones.

The best essential oils for the skin regeneration

Essential oils, which is listed below, with a strong anti-wrinkle properties, improves blood circulation in the skin, stimulates hormone production, improves the regeneration, increases firmness, and elasticity of the skin. Helps reduce age spots, fine wrinkles, relax, improve your skin tone.

Essential oil of frankincense

Essential oil frankincense is one of the best essential oils for aging skin. It really reduces the appearance of age age spots, tightens, and improves the skin's elasticity. If you have uneven skin tone, can lighten certain areas of skin, but still sound.

The oil has astringent properties. It can be used when the patches of acne, reduces pores on the face wrinkles. This oil can be used in any area where there is laxity, sagging skin: the chin, eyelids.

Before applying, the skin should be mixed, oil-media, such as jojoba. Add 30 ml of jojoba oil, 6 drops of frankincense and apply to the skin.

Lavender essential oil

essential oil

The most important common factor to premature skin aging free radicals, i.e. compounds which form harmful, toxic substances. And the face under the external influence of such factors often.

Lavender oil will help you develop the body three powerful antioxidants: glutathione, catalase, superoxide dismutase.

This oil is considered to be oil, No. 1, is able to heal burns, cuts, skin diseases, possesses strong antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

Lavender oil, mixed with aloe Vera gel or coconut oil will help solve the problems. Add 10 drops of lavender oil to 30 ml of aloe Vera or coconut oil. The mixture quickly get rid of the dry skin, minor cuts, wounds.

If you want to reduce age spots, mix the frankincense, and apply to face immediately after your morning shower.

Geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil has a pleasant, flowery smell great, the skin or the hair. The natural analgesic properties help to reduce the dilated pores, regulates the sebum secretion, tone, tight skin.

Promotes renewal of the skin cells and improves blood circulation, antioxidant properties.

Geranium oil can be added to water while bathing to reduce age spots. Mix 10 drops of oil, 2 tablespoons of aloe you can get a great night's cleaning, the skin aging.

Essential oil, sandalwood

The natural analgesic properties of this oil helps to tighten loose skin, improve the sound. In addition, it protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, sunlight. The oil contains a strong sesquiterpene compounds which improve cell regeneration and blood circulation, thereby improving the skin's elasticity.

Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil, this is the Queen, the colors, wonderful properties for aging skin, and usually the skin in general. Love is not just the taste. Promotes the healing of wounds, improves blood circulation, helps to maintain the skin's elasticity, prevents collagen breakdown, thereby preventing the wrinkles.

Great homemade cream is made, mix in 2 tablespoons Shea butter (karl) 4 drops of rose oil.

oil for the face

Essential oil of myrrh

The free radicals cause the most serious damage to the skin. They are causing the premature aging, wrinkles, sagging skin. They make the skin dull, lifeless. Essential oil of myrrh helps to improve the complexion, reduces crow's feet under the eyes.

Mix 7-10 drops of oil to 30 ml of rosehip oil. This mixture of light massage movements in the skin around the eyes.

Essential oil of carrot seed

Essential carrot oil, rich in vitamins, minerals, and effective antioxidants such as the carotenoids. Protect your skin from the harmful sun rays, prevents premature aging. This oil is excellent for aging skin. The antioxidants protect the skin from the action of harmful factors, has a rejuvenating effect, improves skin tone and appearance. Tightens the skin, improves cell renewal.

Essential oil of orange blossom

This oil is a strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic properties. Large inflamed, irritated skin, promotes healing of wounds, improves blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, tightens the skin.

Lemon essential oil

This oil reduces dark spots, reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil helps to tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles, the lines. This oil is an excellent preservative for other oils.

Recipes essential oils for the skin regeneration

Essential oils, can make homemade cream or lotion, mix cosmetic oil.

Lotion oil, sandalwood

Mix 5 drops lavender, 3 drops geranium oil 30ml sweet almond oil. Store in a dark bottle preferably with a dropper. Apply to the daily supply.

The serum of the premature aging of the skin

In order to get the serum, you need to take 5-7 drops of oil of carrot seeds, 3-5 drops of geranium oil, 3 drops lemon oil, 100 ml oil persicum seeds. Mix all together in a bottle made of dark glass. Apply daily on the face at night.

A rejuvenating lotion with the jojoba oil

3 drops essential oil of frankincense, 4 drops essential oil of carrot seed, 7 tablespoon of jojoba oil. Mix in a bottle. Apply on the face twice daily for the first 10 days. Then apply, if in two days.

This cream stimulates the collagen production, reduces wrinkles under the eyes.


General guidelines for using essential oils

Essential oils, as already mentioned, very focused, strong properties. In case of overdose, or, if undiluted, they can cause irritation, chemical burns of the skin. So you need to use them very carefully.

Definitely need to mix the essential cosmetic oils, such as wheat germ oil, avocado, coconut oil, jojoba, and others. If there is no such oils as olive oil.

1 tablespoon of base oil add 3-5 drops of essential oil.

Before use, make sure that you test your skin's sensitivity. Test the purchase of each new bottle of essential oil when you buy oil from another manufacturer.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, first consult your doctor. There are oils that can stimulate the uterus may be miscarriage or premature birth.

Lactation it is not known that the oil on your child. Make sure to consult a pediatrician, or do not use this method, facial rejuvenation.