Lifting mask neck at home

Sagging skin, wrinkles, the neck and cleavage — most women notice these unpleasant signs of aging after forty years. But the younger age sensitive skin in these areas is often poor. The time to go to a beauty salon for expensive treatment for the problem, it's possible to help yourself at home.

Beautiful neck— at any age


It is known that the neck brings out the real age of the woman. Nurse, the perfect makeup, face shining in the young, but a look at the sagging neck, wrinkles in the neckline of the blouse to understand that this woman is older than I would like, to seems.

Why so fast aging skin in the neck? The reason for this may be several:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • shoo, malnutrition, the dermis;
  • poor blood vessels;
  • the negative impact on the environment, including direct sunlight;
  • poor nutrition, lack of exercise, Smoking.

To stop the process of aging it's never too late, but it's not too difficult to help a natural mask can be prepared at home.

Special care

There are certain rules for the care of the head-cut an area pullup mask. If you want to get a good result, for a long time, that's okay, just follow these simple recommendations:

  • Apply the mask is just well cleaned, processed scrub or lightly steamed skin.
  • Care, neck, decollete should be regular, but not in all cases — at a young age the weekly masks after 30 years, I have twice a week after 40 — three times, after 50 daily anti-aging courses.
  • Apply the mask carefully along the massage lines — from the bottom up and from the center to the periphery.
  • During the procedure, it is important not to expose the skin of ludicro load, and to keep the head to wrinkle explicatis.
  • Rinse composition pullup masks, copiously, so that the skin is completely clean; it's a good idea to rinse the juice, herbs, or RUB ice cube cosmetic.
  • Side effects of such a natural lifting can become excessive degreasing of the skin — don't forget to feed your favorite cream.

Beauty recipes

Neck, decollete — this is a very delicate areas of the body all the women, and attention to them must not be less than the face. National cosmetology saved the many, many wonderful recipes, but came to us for a very long time.

Cleansing, nourishing, firming mask

Lifting effect of the neck, the cleavage does not occur by itself. The overall tightening in these areas necessarily requires the regular gentle cleansing: moisturizing, deep nourishment. It is important when selecting parts of the mask to take into account the age, skin type, and other characteristics.



Very simple, effective tool for the neck, contributed not only clean, but also smoothes the skin. Coffee procedure that women of any age.


  • dormientes coffee grounds — 1 tbsp;
  • fat sour cream — 1 tbsp.


  • Mix components and the resulting mass massage gently rub into the skin.
  • Rinse off in the shower, when the mask starts to dry up a little bit.


Mask the lactic acid products are very useful for rejuvenating the aging neck, décolleté, especially 50 after the age of years. Bonus cheese that this product not only smoothes wrinkles, but also perfectly cleanses the skin.

Citrus ingredients work effectively, the Union of the cheese, which is a fast, irreversible lifting effect.


  • lemon, orange, a fruit of medium size;
  • fat cottage cheese — 2 heaping tbsp;
  • sour cream with a high percentage of fat — 1 tbsp.


  • Thoroughly washed and scalded with boiling water citrus grind in a blender to a state pulp to peel it don't have to.
  • A fragrant mass, add the cheese and whisk to eliminate lumps; add sour cream.
  • Apply to the neck area, décolleté.
  • Twenty minutes later, rinse with water.


Regular cheap food gelatin is the most valuable source of building material for the cells in the collagen. But if the skin is an effective film mask, based on the gelatine, the composition of the rejuvenation of the neck are usually the bold, the nutritional components of the structure of such a mask similar to the jelly.


  • food gelatin — 1 tablespoon;
  • cream — 1 tbsp;
  • boiled milk — 0.5 cups.


  • Mix the cold milk granules gelatine and leave to swell.
  • Approximately an hour the mass, add the cream, mix well and wide cosmetic brush to distribute the skin of the neck, cleavage.
  • After a twenty minute lie down at the top of the mask, a wet cloth or towel to soak and remove the mask.
  • Wash, herbal decoction, and then lubricate the skin nourishing cream.

Creamy oatmeal

Smart skin

Intensively nourishes the skin and quickly restores the lost elasticity.


  • oatmeal — 1 Cup;
  • unboiled fresh milk — 0.5 cups;
  • fat homemade cream, butter — 1 tbsp.


  • Grind oatmeal into flour in a coffee grinder, the milk, the heat.
  • Steamed oatmeal powder with milk and immediately introduce the mixture to the cream butter, knead.
  • Mask to keep for a quarter-hour, then wash and do skin massage.


Vitamin natural face masks perfect for all skin types — the rich composition of fruits, berry fruits has beneficial effects on the sensitive skin on the neck, décolleté, activates the regeneration at the cellular level.

Such masks need to have the necessary maturity, but even better — I fell asleep fruit (peaches, grapes, bananas, kiwifruit, avocados, apricots, etc.).


  • ripe fruits — 200 g;
  • milk — 0.5 cups.


  • Wash, peel and put it in the smoothie into ripe fresh fruit.
  • Add the milk and mix contents in a blender until smooth.
  • Relaxing in a lying position, apply to the skin of the fruit dry weight, after half an hour rinse with a shower.
  • The mask can be done two to three times a week.


The composition is very effective in "resurrection," the loose, flabby skin age after fifty.

Dry yeast is the masks, it's better if you don't use.


  • yeast baking — 1 tbsp;
  • heated milk — 2 tbsp;
  • natural honey — 1 tablespoons;
  • olive oil — 1 teaspoon.


  • Mash the yeast, and then pour the warm milk, mix in the honey.
  • Mixture, cover with a towel and leave for half an hour to ferment in a warm place.
  • Enter the "noodles" in olive oil, stir, spread to the neck, upper chest.
  • Yeast mask dry for 15-20 minutes— then you must rinse thoroughly.


Very popular daily mask that deeply nourishes the skin, improves elasticity.


  • potato medium size — 1 pcs;
  • liquid honey — 1 tablespoons;
  • olive oil, glycerin, 1 tea spoon;
  • the yolk of a chicken egg.


  • Boil the potatoes in their skins, then peel, do not allow to cool completely, and then a little stretch.
  • The peeled potatoes together with the other components quickly to the mixture.
  • The resulting homogeneous mass in the form of heat cover the décolleté, neck.
  • Leave it to act for twenty minutes, carefully to wash off.




  • puree fresh pumpkin — 0.5 cups;
  • starch — 1 tbsp.


  • Cut the pumpkin slices in a blender mix evenly with the starch.
  • The duration of the mask is a half-hour, then rinse skin with water, dried with a soft towel.
  • Dry after the mask, neck, décolleté cucumber — this will improve the hydration and elasticity of the skin.


A classic recipe for homemade lifting, and regular use guarantees the youth, the freshness of the skin. The mask is most effective for older women thirty to forty years.

This formula fits all unrefined vegetable oils, but the best results gives a peach or sea buckthorn.


  • liquid honey (flower or lime) — 1 tablespoon;
  • the raw egg yolks;
  • vegetable oil — 1 tbsp.


  • Mix the ingredients, whip the mixture.
  • The composition can keep the skin in a quarter of an hour to an hour — depending on how quickly it is absorbed.


Mask is suitable for women aged 35 to 50 years. Sooner or later, apply is not appropriate.


  • lemon juice, vegetable oil (almond or flax) — 1 tea spoon;
  • egg protein;
  • glycerine — 5-7 drops.


  • Cooling, the egg white and whip thoroughly; scalded with boiling water squeeze the lemon juice.
  • Gently mix all the ingredients, mask and apply it to the cleansed skin, neck, head and lower jaw.
  • Half an hour, while the last process should be a relaxed state to talk.

Japanese ointment

The Eastern recipe youth, beauty, neck, décolleté.

The girls thirty years is enough to apply this mask for fifteen minutes, twice a week; women who turned the half-century milestone should be performed daily procedures, courses three weeks later, on decem die breaks.


  • fat homemade sour cream — 1 tablespoon;
  • coconut oil, lemon juice, 1 tea spoon;
  • egg protein.


  • Whip chilled protein in a solid foam.
  • It doesn't stop whip, in small doses, to enter the rest of the ingredients.
  • Careful upward movement, the ointment of the neck, gently wrap.
  • During the procedure, you should try to keep your head high and not lower than the skin of the neck lying.

Wraps, appliques


Technology for packaging applications will allow the active ingredients to sell their properties, not superficially, and more deeply, which is especially important in smoothing out neck wrinkles — in both the transverse and the longitudinal.

The sea salt

The procedure is suitable for traditional table salt, but the sea was still more effectively; salt application is useful combined with massage. The salt of an application is possible at any age.


  • sea salt — 2 tablespoons;
  • warm water — 1 Cup.


  • The salt dissolved in the water, if the sediment is to drain the solution.
  • Cheesecloth folded in four, wet, warm salt water, squeeze and apply to the problem areas.
  • After five minutes, repeat the procedure, heated saline, and then re-soaking the gauze.
  • To compress up to five times.

The honey, the milk,

Very effective body wrap, which promotes the rapid wrinkles on the neck, decollete.

This recipe is a modernised version of the form, the beauty Queen, Cleopatra, who daily bath of the same composition.


  • high quality honey, olive oil — 2 tablespoons;
  • fresh milk — 0.5 liters;
  • decoction of chamomile — at least a litre.


  • Mix in equal proportions, olive oil, honey products need to be very good quality.
  • Honey-butter mixture to spread on the neck, chest, cover it with the plastic wrap to improve absorption.
  • After an hour, the warm milk slowly to wash out the skin, easy to massage.
  • To the rest of the milk to soak in for five to seven minutes, and then wash decoction of chamomile.

The vegetable oils

According to the legend, the authorship of the recipe belongs to the famous heta is Thais — oil using wraps neck, nice Greek woman get remarkable smooth skin.

For best results, vegetable oil is possible in advance to insist on your favorite herbs.


  • olive oil — 2 tablespoons;
  • vegetable oil of choice, for example, rapeseed oil or sunflower oil — 1 tbsp.


  • Cook oil mixture, heat to approximately forty degrees.
  • A long, wide bandage to soak in the mixture of oil, lightly wring out, and wrap up the neck.
  • Top cover plastic foil, insulation wool, or a scarf, shawl.
  • After half an hour wash your skin with warm water.
  • The procedure once a week.


Thin, sensitive skin on the neck, chest, come into contact with aggressive or too active substances, susceptible effect. Therefore, it is made in the course rejuvenating masks, first you need to pass a test on individual tolerance of parts

It's enough to make a small amount of the finished composition pullup mask applied to an inconspicuous place, e.g. at the top of the neck below the ear. If the roster turns out, 15-20 minutes — place the test does not appear in the redness.