What aesthetic treatments for face, body, choose, 20, 30, or 40 years

The various cosmetic procedures – surgical and non-invasive, injectable and / or hardware techniques – allows to delay the appearance of, or eliminate existing signs of aging or imperfections of the face, the body at any age. The patients want to look young, attractive, at all stages of life, so estet-portal.com pick up a list of cosmetic surgical procedure, which allows you to achieve this dream, 20, 30, or 40 years to look at any age.

Age aesthetic problems, procedures, is able to solve them


The age at which the patient begins to disturb the aesthetic of the face and/or body there is no restriction. Congenital abnormalities, genetic predisposition to weight gain, or spider veins, injury, scarring, as well as many other problems have no age, because it can occur even in the young, cause significant psychological discomfort.

Aesthetic procedures estet-portal.com briefly describe in this article, traditionally, have divided according to the age of the patients, since, as is well known to the readers, especially the body functioning, lifestyle, exposure to environmental factors, any disease the presence of factors that each patient is different, and in the aggregate, affect the condition of the face, the body as a whole.

This "guide" beauty treatments roughly, as well as the necessity, feasibility, security of one or another technique, definitely talk to your doctor, surgeon or a beautician.

What aesthetic treatments you will look at 20-30 years from now?

At this age the skin does not require the maintenance of young invasive or traumatic procedures in order to select the correct plan for the home care of the skin. It helps to have a skilled beautician, who will pick up the resources according to the type of skin, as well as the appropriate nutrition. Having regard to the aesthetical problems, in this age, the most common of these are:

  • acne (solve this problem, mesotherapy, laser treatment, plasma justo, peels, special funds to home care);
  • dull skin (this imperfection can be eliminated by specially selected refreshing masks (both salon, at home), the effect of micro currents, peels);
  • bags and dark circles under the eyes (first appearance of this problem involves a violation of sleep, genetic predisposition, or the presence of disease; if the correction sleep schedule was not convincing, the doctor found no violations in the body, use natural remedies, or try to alginate mask, mesotherapy, or lymphatic drainage);
  • spots, that in this age in the patients, who are often the day, which does not provide the skin with adequate protection (laser therapy, peels, and ordered a beautician, home care, skin protection will help to smooth skin).

As the aesthetic treatments that may be necessary at such a young age, these are the following:

  • peels, mask, (time cleaning, nourishing, skin);
  • the massage of the face, the body;
  • the procedure for the face model (for example, in the case if the missing volume in the face);
  • plastic surgery (e.g. rhinoplasty will help correct the shape of the nose);
  • hair removal (state of the art laser tools to solve the problem of unwanted hair effectively, safely).

Aesthetic treatments to maintain the youth of 30-40 years ago


Approximately at this age (depending on the anatomical features of the face structure, lifestyle, and other factors), the face, the first wrinkles appear, the skin begins to lack moisture oxygen. Because that means that you are interested in 30 year old skin should contain moisturizing ingredients, to solve the problem of fine lines and support your skin, helping you, the following aesthetic treatments:

  • ultrasonic cleaning;
  • regular peels;
  • non-invasive carboxytherapy;
  • mesotherapy;
  • if necessary, correction of wrinkles with botulinum toxin or fillers;
  • laser rejuvenation;
  • plasmolifting;
  • raise;
  • biorevitalizatsiya;
  • the face rest.

As the aesthetic treatments for the body, it is possible to pay attention to lym inci-forward, as well as anti-cellulite massage, it is also possible to resort to hardware methods of correction (ultrasound, electrolysis, microcurrent, laser technology, etc.) get rid of local fat deposits, increases the skin's elasticity, reduces the signs of cellulite. To solve these problems, then avail of the services of plastic surgery (tummy tuck, liposuction, brachioplasty, etc.).

To preserve and restore the youth of the face, body, 20, 30, 40 years later, to help the process of choosing aesthetic procedures, which are based on the individual characteristics of the patient.

How to maintain the youth of the face, body, cosmetic procedures after 40 years?


Sometimes the solution to the following problems and the corresponding techniques resort before – it's all individual, all determined together with your doctor prior consultation. However, at that age, it was clearly obvious signs of skin aging, maintain the body, the shape after 40 is harder than a younger age. That's why, as well as the correct diet, regular exercise, estet-portal.com recommended to pay attention to the following procedures:

  • thread lifting is a great option for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, correction of age changes the effect of stimulating the collagen production;
  • ultrasonic lifting;
  • hyaluronic acid injections to fill in the missing volume of the face, smoothes out wrinkles of the neck;
  • the introduction of the fillers, it helps to hide the age, which produces the loss of volume in the area of the hand);
  • laser therapy helps the appearance of age spots on the face this problem can be solved peels, carboxytherapy;
  • age-related changes periorbitalnah region (around the eyes) effectively relieved the blepharoplasty, which is also combined with endoscopic forehead lift;
  • the lift helps to remove fat in problem areas and tighten the skin of the body; for this purpose, for example, laser facelift;
  • intimate rejuvenation laser helps back to the woman, the young as well as the sensitivity of the vagina;
  • plastic surgery is proud to be the place in the Arsenal of aesthetic procedures that rejuvenate the face, the body, especially after 40 years.

Of course, the appearance of the face, the body at any age the work is the result of proper care. A good choice in home care, professional treatments, – the task of a qualified medical doctor, beautician, and/or the plastic surgeon, who will be able to choose a combination of procedures, which ensure that the safest effective results.