How to prolong youth and beauty face without surgery

Thanks to the development of cosmetology, you can achieve facial rejuvenation without surgery a couple of procedures. The point is, don't spare the money. Visual – this is the real wealth of every girl. And although there are many Proverbs where it is said that beauty can't buy you happiness, but it is necessary to improve the internal world of man, then why is it that you're young, beautiful ruler of the world, to everything you want?

young skin

Is it possible to save the young people?

She can't bear approaching of old age trying to delay the moment when the wrinkles covers all areas of the skin.

There are radical methods in the fight against wrinkles, for example, the plastic surgery... But agree that not everyone can afford, not to mention the number of contraindications, side effects. So salvation must be sought in other ways to combat age-related changes of the face as a cosmetic injection.

Seeing modern stars, for many years the performers on the stage. A lot of it will be obvious that age is not a barrier for them. You can see the amazing transformation thanks to the progress of cosmetology. But what are the methods of face correction of the injection? Are there dangers or contraindications? How long will the results after the courses procedures? This and many other questions.

When you need to think about renewal?

Forever young is the dream of every woman, especially after thirty years, when age-related changes already, the face, the shape, the wrinkles. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be young forever but you can slow the aging process, the different work techniques.

The first thing you notice is that the little network of wrinkles that cover certain areas of the face:

1. The corners of the eyes. Often squinting for various reasons:

  • bright sun,
  • if someone, or think, or look,
  • or just smile broadly.

2. The wrinkles on the forehead is also a problem area, sometimes we don't notice that the forehead wrinkles, how often. But with the passage of time, the skin loses its former elasticity, so wrinkles become more and more noticeable.

3. Dimples. If the childhood is sweet, with age, the dimples will not be attractive to the wrinkles spoil the contour of the face.

4. Another problem area is the state's neck.

Important! Every woman should remember, the earlier you start to care for the skin, the longer you preserve the youth!

Take care of yourself should start in adolescence. Because this is the period of perestroika, hormonal explosion. It is important to note that you need to protect your face from direct sunlight, use protective creams.

The older a woman is, the more intensive care required. Because is gradually to the development of natural collagen decreases, therefore, requires regular stimulation of the process.

Another messenger in the folds of the human tendency to puffiness. The problem here lies in the body may develop latent diseases, which worsens the condition of the skin, and as a result, lost the attractiveness. In this case, it is desirable to consult to the doctor.

stages of skin ageing

Sagging skin:

  • For centuries,
  • The face,
  • The area of the chin.

The main reason for changes in the contour of the face, the loss, the elasticity of the skin. This is to develop folds.

The solution to these problems, but I don't immediately call a plastic surgeon. Thanks to the advancements in cosmetic services, you can pay the aging process, the skin using a number of techniques.

What are the methods of modern cosmetology offers?

The diversity of the approaches to solve the problems of aging, help to fulfill the dream of every woman to be young and stay beautiful for a long time. Here are the main methods of dealing with time.

  • Plastic surgery. Ten years ago, this method is considered to be the only possible way to fight the signs of aging. This can only be achieved, not every woman is a number of contraindications to the candidate list even smaller.

There was also no guarantee that the result meets the desired needs of the patient. Often there were many complications. And attempt to make themselves beautiful, they turned disfigured face.

Of course, the modern plastic surgeon faces a much more professional, but unsuccessful operation to happen.

  • Facial rejuvenation injections, without surgery. This method is to retain the coveted youth, now gained popularity. There are several different procedures, which help to back tension, elasticity of the skin, after a couple of sessions, for example, Argirelin.

The advantage of this technique is that every woman the opportunity to choose a unique cocktail that will work hard, contraindications, side effects. Here is a list of the latest innovations in cosmetology:

  • Mesotherapy. The structure of the composition, to introduce it, a whole complex of active substances, which stimulates the process of renewal, under the skin, but also nourishes the cells.

Every cocktail is chosen individually for the patient, taking into account the characteristics of the skin problems that need to be addressed. The composition may contain: enzymes, amino acids, vitamin complexes.

Important! Regular consumption of vitamins confirms that not only the body, but also improve the complexion.

Thank you for the introduction to the injection cocktail, the problem areas, we deliver essential items to immediately begin vigorous activity, stimulates the natural rejuvenation procedures. Skin lesions, improves its firmness, elasticity.

There is no age limit, you may face rejuvenation without surgery in 50 years. But the procedures should be regularly repeated, since the effect does not appear immediately.

  • Plasmolifting. That's the wonder, the beauty had an impact on the success, especially for Allergy sufferers. The essence of the process of the introduction under the skin, the plasma origin of the own blood of the patient. The effect is incredible, the body starts the processes, which contribute to the rejuvenation of appearance.

The main advantage of the procedure of the natural origin, the composition of the injection, precluding the possibility of rejection. Only trusted cosmetology clinics, in order to avoid the bad service.

  • Biorevitalizatsiya. This procedure is also based on the introduction of a subcutaneous injection. Only the injected hyaluronic acid. This substance differs in that it is able to restore the plasticity of the face after one treatment.

But, I cut off the entire face of a given pattern is not just the problem areas. It is now possible to perform the entire procedure with the laser, which is a major plus, especially for those who are afraid of injections.

  • Contour. Here the main weapon to fight the signs of aging: goose feet, the eyelids, ugly wrinkles in the mouth, the nose, the modelling of the face by filling in problem areas with a special gel-filling substance or the volumization of the lips.

The type of this gel for many, the choice depends on the customer's requirements. The main problem is that a short-term action to maintain the effect on the youth, then repeat the procedure every half year. Common treatment is also cause allergies, so be careful.

  • Elevator 3D – masonite. This process is similar to plastic arts. Needle built a framework yarn around the contours of the face and leave no trace of the intervention. The effect is immediately visible and doesn't require rehabilitation period. This method helps to maintain the perfect face for two years.

Cosmetologists or hypoallergenic special detergents, the building of the framework weak subcutaneous tissue.

  • Rejuvenation laser using method. Here you can use laser resurfacing or fractional laser rejuvenation.

In the first case, the laser polished skin cells, removes them from the pigmentation and other flaws, but at the same time, deep massage activates the natural rejuvenation procedures.

During the procedure, the scattered laser beams to the outer skin, selectively removes all the dark spots, and other flaws.

  • Photo rejuvenation. This trend in the cosmetics industry recently, but has gained in popularity. The light processed by the deep layers of the skin. This is a very effective tissue nutrition, because the light rays are withdrawn ultraviolet light, which is harmful to the skin.

The effect is a warming of the deep skin layers stimulates the production of collagen, which forms the skeleton, visibly rejuvenating the face.

  • Lifting using radio waves – RF.
  • The massage the skin by a special device, or LPG-massage.
  • The ozone therapy. This procedure helps to nourish the skin cells with oxygen. Special instrument the ozone mixture enters deep into the skin cells. After the procedure improves the skin metabolism, smooth wrinkles. Generally improves the complexion.

Any method of renewal, the use of injections or laser you choose, it is important to remember safety.

The best creams for face rejuvenation without surgery


The cosmetic products to maintain the youthful skin a great variety. Every cosmetic company tries to advertise the brand by a cream of some peculiarities. Of course, all the loving you woman to be.

  • Cream or gel for daily washing.
  • Special tools for removing makeup. There are special tools for the delicate areas like the eyelid.
  • Scrub deep cleaning daily scrub that does not damage the skin.
  • The cream.
  • Tonic.
  • Face cream day and night.

Not to mention the different peels, masks to nourish and tighten the skin. This is the cosmetic creams, and other remedies to help facial rejuvenation without injections.

There's a whole range of remedies for all skin types, and age characteristics. After all, with age, more effective ingredients creams, to maintain the freshness of the skin.

The only advice when selecting the correct cosmetics that care:

  • Learn composition.
  • The date of manufacture and the shelf life is important, otherwise you risk damaging the skin, use of expired cosmetics.
  • If you are allergic, it's best to hypoallergenic cosmetics is available for purchase in specialty stores or pharmacies.

Tips for the different stylists agree on one thing, you must daily care of the face, other parts of the body, if you want to stay young and beautiful for years to come. Study the instructions supplied with cosmetic products, especially the deep cleaning of the skin, like the rind.

Use the healing herbs

Folk medicine from time immemorial used herbs, infusions, to maintain the beauty, youth, and women. Of course, many of the old recipes efficacy, but because they created a time when the environment was different.

In today's crazy rhythm of life involves the search for stronger means to maintain the beauty of the face. In addition, the use of the national resources must constantly to keep the effect of the renewal. That's why more and more women prefer the modern achievements of cosmetology, where a single intervention, for example, the cooling, the nitrogen, the effect is immediately visible.

Of course, if lack of Finance takes place in traditional medicine is more affordable, but it's going to take a while for the use of funds, to get the desired effect.

Mask to maintain youthful

All beauty salon beauty salon with the use of masks first-aid the skin. The main advantage of each mask is the ability to use it at home.


Many recipes for the mixture preparation can be found in the public. Or you can get ready mix up the reliable brand. If you are buying ready masks, the best indicator of the quality of the product, so the savings may not be a good result, or even wrong.

Mask helps to moisturize the skin, nourish the useful items that are a part of the products used to prepare the mask. In such a way to maintain the youthful skin, if you apply them daily. Plus the use of masks, it is possible to search for a suitable recipe for the preparation of the mixture, especially if you are aware of the problem areas.

The Vitamin diet

Getting vitamins is very important. Because trace elements contained in food, life, and youth, including. No wonder they say you are what you eat. That's true. Look at those who indiscriminately eat junk food, drink a lot of alcoholic beverages, Smoking. But this worsens the condition primarily of the skin.

But that doesn't mean that I have to sit on the exhausting diet. What is important is to have a custom menu. Where you can get everything you need, the measured quantities without overloading the organization.

It is therefore necessary that the driver's active lifestyle, including sports, or gymnastics practices a week schedule. So, beauty and youth remain in the years to come.

Conclusion-the young man

Take care of yourself is the primary duty of every girl. After all, the external beauty, the calling card of every woman. But the beauty demands victims, including time, money, hard work, self-discipline. The reward for your efforts will be male attention, which will not leave you. Remember the main commandment, the man always loves his eyes, there was no rival follow the appearance. Let the environmental wonder that the youth, the freshness.