Recipes pullup rejuvenating masks for face, neck

Lifting mask women reach the middle ages, the dreams still look fresh and appealing have become a vital part of life. It is not always possible to visit the salon or let the professional craftsman.

Do not despair. Self-care is the right ingredients, even the home, can maintain the skin in good condition, but also to turn back the clock, smooth out the wrinkles and tightening the facial contours. Enough, if we know that you have the correct parts, regularly devote time to domestic cosmetic procedures.

The basic rules of anti-aging masks at home

rejuvenation of face, neck

First and foremost, the action, the pullup rejuvenating masks for face and neck to improve elasticity, stimulate collagen production, eliminate wrinkles, correction of facial contours.

Furthermore, depending on the ingredients the mask can be further compensate for the lack of moisture, micro-nutrients, or clean the impurities.

A healthy effect, to follow the simple rules:

  1. As an ingredient, perhaps it is worth homemade products.
  2. Begin to apply the mask is recommended for the middle ages, when the collagen production decreases, and you get a noticeable sagging.
  3. Firming, anti-aging mask for the face, the neck effectively applied, only clear skin. You can use the fact that the familiar (milk, toner, foam cleanser or a light scrub).
  4. When applying the mask, not to apply to the skin of the eyelid than on the skin, this area is very sensitive. If you have a desire to look after the skin, the eyelid — you can make a separate mask, wet cotton pads, then place the eyes. So, save time combines 2 masks can be refreshing, eye area, and face.

Anti-aging mask for dry skin

Please, dry, dehydrated skin, you can prepare a common mask, which worked well. This is the mask for the most common vegetables — potatoes, which, in addition to the lifting effect, visibly brightens and hydrates the skin.

The potatoes in their skins boiled, without salt, spices, and then crushed with milk. Important temperature of this mixture only in the form of heat.

It is important to know! The pullup rejuvenating masks for face, neck, good, preferably not an old vegetable. The old tubers produce toxic compounds that can hurt.

A low-cost, highly effective tools, used in cosmetics, clay. He's white, many different variants — red, yellow, green shades.

If you have dry skin should give preference to yellow, white or red.

Mask this natural ingredient, in addition to the pullup on the properties, which have a bleaching effect:

  • mix equal parts of clay, honey, olive oil;
  • 40 g powder, yellow clay mixed with, 20 ml milk, fresh mint leaves that you first need to grind.

The clay mask should be dry, water wash off, moisturize the skin.

A firming mask for oily skin

The combination or oily skin useful such a common, but very effective product as the yeast. The masks on this basis, a limited drying effect, improves the metabolism, fill the trace elements, vitamins, B, E, amino acids.

Recipes of masks based on the yeast set.

Below are some of them:

  • yeast, water. Classic basic parts. In warm water dissolve yeast until creamy;
  • yeast, hydrogen peroxide. In addition, the lifting effect, mask excellent whitening properties.

Mask yeast can be washed off with water, but it may be that the effects of useful antioxidant — king green tea.

It is desirable that an ordinary pressed yeast. If you don't have it handy, you can use the usual crumbly yeast.

aloe the lifting effect

Lifting mask for normal skin

Like parts, mask for normal skin type: oatmeal, gelatin, honey, wax, clay, lime, vegetables, and even bread.

Firming mask for normal skin of the face, neck anti-aging effect:

  1. The paraffin. Perfectly smoothes, hydrates. Strong lifting effect. First you have to melt the usual cosmetic paraffin. Pre-the face should be wetted with the usual cream. After applying 1 coat of wax (with a brush), the face, the superimposed layer of gauze, is applied, consisting of a few layers. This mask is in a horizontal position, without straining the muscles of the face. In the opposite case, the effect is just the opposite. After training off in the direction from neck to forehead. After the mask it would be useful to apply a favorite cream.
  2. Of Aloe juice. This mask was the most useful for Mature skin, the leaves of the plant should be ready for use. Fresh-cut leaves is not suitable for the production of valuable biological enzymes necessary exposure to cold time (12 -14 days). Finished my letter to squeeze the aloe Vera, soak a gauze to compress to 20-25 minutes. Don't rinse. After removal of the gauze face liberally lubricated cream.

Regenerating mask for wrinkles

Pullup recipes of masks from wrinkles a lot. One of the popular ingredients of such masks, the oatmeal, occupying a leading position in cereals, micro-element content.

Oatmeal honey:

  • 15 g oatmeal;
  • 50 g cane sugar;
  • 50 g of honey;
  • 30 g coconut oil.

Melt the butter in a steam bath or in the microwave (it's important not to overdo it — melts very quickly), add the other components. After the mask is removed, the cream.

Oatmeal, egg yolk:

  • 15 g oatmeal;
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • 10 ml olive oil;
  • essential oil (lavender or rosemary) — 2-3 drops.

Before application mix is ready, the skin should be moistened with water. The duration of the mask 30 minutes, then to wash the acidic water. This mask not only acts on the wrinkles, but also significantly reduces the pores.

Mask yeast can be washed off with water, but it may be that the effects of useful antioxidant — king green tea.

Get rid of the wrinkles you can prepare oatmeal and tonic wipe over face before going to bed. It is enough to 30 g flakes boil for 10 minutes in a liter of water. 3-4 the facial skin is tightened, you will get a smooth sound, smooth out the wrinkles.

the mask Cleopatra

The mask of Cleopatra, the rejuvenation of the face, neck

Cleopatra – the most beautiful woman in the Egyptian state, not only the beautiful nature, but always supported the various cosmetic treatments. One need only look at the woman's face, to understand, care, beautiful skin, a perfect oval face with incredible force.

I don't know whether to use the Cleopatra complex the ingredients, which bear his name, or descendants of they call this the magnificent mask in her honor. But this does not reduce the great impact, the use of masks known as "the mask of Cleopatra".

This mask does have a backbone, consisting of 4 ingredients. In addition, there are many variants of masks, each of which aims to solve certain problems.

Basic composition:

  • oatmeal — it contains useful minerals, protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation;
  • milk — rejuvenates, restores firmness;
  • honey — contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, including those which help to nutrients delivered to the skin cells;
  • clay has a bleaching effect perfect cleaning of the skin.

To masks, oatmeal comes from long cooking. Must be crushed in a blender, then mix with the other ingredients in equal proportions. The classic version of the mask can be substituted for the milk, the sour cream. After cleaning, dry the face cream or RUB the skin with olive oil.

Mask toning, firming, rejuvenating neck skin

The skin on the chest area careful, regular care. It is not necessary to apply the mask to the face. Spending a few minutes applying the mask on the neck area, full supplies, as well as the décolleté.

A firming mask for the neck area are prepared from the same ingredients as the face. For example, you can prepare a mask by mixing the pulp of ripe tomatoes, a small amount of olive oil.

Before mixing components with tomato remove the peel and softening. With a brush apply the mask on the neck, face, let dry, then rinse. Not only this mask for a lifting effect, but it is also noticeable whitening effect.

Firming Express mask for face and neck

If the cycle of routine chores and work duties, it's time for a little bit, comes to the rescue, the Express masks, after which you will immediately see the results. The exposure time of such masks 18-20 minutes.

The skin is prone to fat content:

  • 30 g of starch;
  • 1 protein;
  • 20 ml of yogurt, kefir or whey.

For normal skin, the skin is prone to dryness:

  • 70 g grated boiled beans;
  • juice of 1/2 lemon;
  • 15 ml olive oil.

All types:

  • potato — 1 pc.;
  • 15 ml olive oil.
mask gelatin

Anti-aging mask gelatin

Available devices, of which the collagen is gelatin. Therefore, firming, anti-aging mask for the face, the neck on the basis they are effective to improve the skin turgor, good smooth wrinkles.

Depending on what type of skin takes a different basis for the preparation of the mask:

  • oily skin — in a infusion of herbs, fruit juice;
  • dry skin — water;
  • all types of cucumber juice.

By choosing an appropriate basis, dissolve the gelatine in the warm liquid ratio 1:7, give to swell, then heat it up a bit steamed, and the skin.

Please note! The owners, the skin is prone to dryness, the mask, the gelatin can be done, if the 2 weeks. In the opposite case, the skin is too dry.


  • 60 g of honey;
  • 10 g of gelatine;
  • 4 tablespoons of glycerin, water.

When the mask and a film, it is necessary to remove the movement from the bottom-up and wash my face.

For oily skin:

  • 10 g of gelatine;
  • 10 g of flour;
  • 20 ml of yogurt.

Prepared gelatin, add the flour, then pour in the yogurt. Mask is applied for 15 minutes. Remove with a damp sponge or cotton pad, apply times cream.


  • 10 g of gelatine;
  • decoction of chamomile — 7 tk;
  • half a banana;
  • oil vitamin (A, E, B1, B12) — 1 drop.

To prepare gelatin-based, add the pulp of banana (mixture, add a little water) to drip the oil. Keep the mask for 20-25 minutes, to consolidate the effect to wash off the milk.

Firming, anti-aging mask for the face, the neck, based on herbs

The ability to use the herbs, plants, knowledge of the wonderful properties greatly simplify your life as an inexhaustible source of beauty, youth.

A stimulant effect on can be washed, morning and evening decoction of Linden, cornflower, calendula.

Application of a firming, anti-aging mask for the face, the neck, based on medicinal herbs not only looks great, but also save you a considerable amount of money on expensive tools.

A stimulant effect on can be washed, morning and evening decoction of Linden, cornflower, calendula.

honey masks

A firming mask based on honey

Honey mask, I recognized that not only the pullup rejuvenating masks for face, neck, but also as a so that your skin smoothness, elasticity, improves color.

Ideal for the Mature age:

  • Antioxidant firming mask for all skin types. Molli was blueberries mixed with 70 g of honey. Apply for 20 minutes. The relationship between the ink capacity of the berries, wash off the mask, the acidic water is required.
  • The crushed Apple pulp mixed with whipped peaks to the protein , then add 50 g of honey. Remove the mask with warm wet towel.

It is important to know! A facial, a honey-based suitable for all skin types, the main thing is that the optional parts. But, unfortunately, not suited to women who are allergic reaction, this is the most valuable beekeeping products or there are signs of rosacea.

If the time came when the disappointing biological changes in the skin become visible, wrinkles appear, changes the shape of the face, the skin should be mandatory, think about it. But don't rush to the beauty salon.

There is an unlimited quantity of excellent products, herbs, minerals, which the clever approach is not worse than salon procedures.