The 12 best vitamins youthful skin foods, drugs, cosmetics

We all know that vitamins are very useful. But as far as is necessary for the skin? Experts believe that without my vitamins, I barely brushes the epithelium, the skin is dry, rough, a person acquires a gray color. The face ages quickly makes himself known, the absence of the fluid and the proteins, so the flexibility of the skin – collagen, elastin. This article discusses the best vitamins for the skin.


What vitamins are necessary beauty

Each vitamin participates in the biochemical reactions, the metabolism of the composition, and certain coenzymes. Therefore, the effect of each one will be different. Vitamins for the skin, face selected in accordance with the existing problem. To act, it is clear from the following table.

Fat-soluble vitamins

Name Deficiency symptoms Mechanism of action
A (Retinol) The skin is dry, scaly, and wrinkles. Reduces skin immunity, blisters may appear. Involved in the metabolism of proteins, contributing to the skin of the immune cells. The best remedy for the skin, improve its condition, and color.
E (tocopherol) The skin is dry, too dense, because the growing layer of dead skin cells. Inhibits the action of toxic free radicals (antioxidant effect), regulates hormones, supports the skin's immunity.
D (calciferol) Quick aging. Regulates reproduction (proliferation) and specialization (differentiation) of the cells. Supports the flexibility of the muscles of the face.
K1 (phylloquinone) Redness, swelling, the age spots appearance. It improves the blood circulation.

Water-soluble vitamins

Name Deficiency symptoms Mechanism of action
B1 (thiamine) Rapid aging, loss of firmness, elasticity. Regulates the carbohydrate metabolism, inhibits the destruction of collagen, elastin carbohydrates.
B2 (Riboflavin) Dry, cracked lips, the corners appear zaedy. Involved in the metabolism of the skin cells.
B3 (PP, Niacin, nicotinic acid) Age spots, dryness, skin peeling. Regulates the synthesis of hormones, enzymes. Vitamin improves complexion.
B5 (pantoténsav) Premature aging. Activate the metabolism of the cells, improves the complexion.
B6 (pyridoxine) Acne, seborrheic dermatitis. Regulates the carbohydrate metabolism of the prostaglandins in the formation of, improve the blood circulation.
B7 (Biotin) Acne, decreased tension, elasticity of the skin. Normalizes the action of the sebaceous glands. Participate in the formation of collagen
B9 (folic acid) Premature aging. Activates the cell regeneration processes of the skin, eliminating the irritation.
P (rutin) C (ascorbic acid) Dryness, rapid aging. Improves the skin blood circulation, inhibit the destruction of hyaluronic acid, attracts water. Antioxidants.

The body is constantly you need to get the vitamins. Shortage, almost all of them can affect the state of the whole body, including the skin. What kind of vitamin the skin required for different violations, consult with a beautician.

The fastest way to charge tablet

Synthetic vitamin supplements are very quickly to remedy the deficiency. They are available in the Il of medicines and biologically active additives to food – dietary supplement tablets, capsules, sachet powders, solutions for oral, injectable, ampoule, under different names.

Synthetic drug overdose. So long uncontrolled, they can't accept it. The dangerous, long-term use in the form of injections.

General rules for the vitamins

When the vitamin supplements you need to observe certain rules:

  1. If the correction of the skin defect of the complex are better to choose individually. So before buying the medications you should consult with a beautician. The prevention party is a well-established vitamin-mineral complexes.
  2. Not vitamin complexes a uncontrolled, sometimes this leads to overdose, and overdose.
  3. Necessarily have to adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer receiving the drug. Bad reception (before the meal or after) deny all treatment necessary substances are not absorbed. General rule: the fat-soluble vitamins to take after or during meals, with water soluble – half an hour before meals.
  4. Talk to your doctor, you can add pharmaceutical vitamins (the liquid contents of ampoules or capsules), cream (fat-soluble A -, E -, D -, K), or just apply them on the face (water-soluble).
vitamins skin types

All skin types – the approach

All vitamins participate in certain biochemical reactions, which have certain results. Therefore, to fix certain problems will need different vitamins.

The best, before you start taking to consult a dermatologist-cosmetologist. The different types of skin, you need different vitamins.

Dry skin

Dryness could be related to hereditary properties, lack of vitamins in the diet, or errors in care. In these cases, you will need to take vitamins A, E, C, b:

  • retinol helps moisturize and restore the skin cells, improves the complexion;
  • tocopherol restores the hormonal balance and protect the cells from destruction by free radicals
  • the b-vitamins for energy energy-metabolism.

What you need to do in order to make the skin young, healthy, don't peel:

  • retinol, and tocopherol can be given to day and night cream;
  • eating butter, liver, egg yolks, salad, carrots, spicy oil;
  • the synthetic vitamin a preparations, then accept Aevitum, a complex of vitamins group B.

For oily skin

Increased oiliness results in a violation of metabolic processes, as well as the secretion of a large amount of sebum changes in chemical composition. Often this happens in the background of hormonal disorders. Normalisation of these processes, vitamins a, E, C, B2, B6.

To eliminate violations were committed:

  • ingestion of the drug Aevitum;
  • eggs, cheese, lettuce, carrots, beets, berries (especially strawberries, currants), nuts, sunflower seeds;
  • the face of the need to apply an application solution, vitamin B2, ampoules with lemon juice, diluted with water, in the ratio 1 : 3 (alternative use of each solution in a day); the solution is applied to the cleansed face, 15 -20 minutes, then wash off with water.

Normal skin

In such cases, it is necessary only periodically to maintain the condition of the skin. Can-vitamin-mineral complex internal courses 1 — 2 times per year.

vitamins, food

Getting vitamins, food

If there are no obvious gaps to fill the shortage of vitamins is possible with the help of healthy diet. Knowing what kind of vitamins good for the skin, prevents premature aging, acne, exfoliation. The correction was effective, you should visit a dermatologist-cosmetologist, to clarify what the vitamins necessary for the skin of the particular person, any substance is not enough. After a menu selection, and then stick to it constantly. Easy, because the nutrients it contains various products:

  • And animal liver, butter, egg yolks; beta-carotene (Pro-vitamin a, converted to retinol in the intestine) found in plant foods: carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, plum, red sweet peppers, grapefruit, black currant, peach, apricot, melon, plum;
  • E – vegetable oils, seeds, nuts;
  • B1 – wholemeal bread, brewer's yeast, raw rice, oats, legumes, nuts, seeds;
  • B2 – lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese, buckwheat, oatmeal;
  • V3, nuts, seeds sunflower, white mushroom, legumes, cereals (oatmeal, corn grits), potato, cabbage, beef, chicken, liver, eggs, fish;
  • B5 – egg yolk, dairy products, fish, seafood, cereals, legumes;
  • B6 – liver, bran, egg yolk, unrefined cereals, nuts, milk, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes;
  • B7 – egg yolks, liver, legumes, nuts, black bread;
  • B9, liver, legumes, vegetable, greens, flour, meal;
  • C – citrus fruits, black currants, all kinds of berries, conditaneus cabbage, rosehips;
  • R – the green tea, chokeberry, cherry, raspberry, garlic, tomatoes, peppers.

Cosmetics, vitamins to improve skin

Vitamins are included in almost all creams, gels, serum got, etc. After application of the creams, masks will be delivered to the skin cells, activating metabolic processes. But sometimes, the vitamins in the therapeutic effect, greatly improve the condition of the skin. So, call medical cosmetics, which includes retinoids, which are derivatives of retinol. Available also in cosmetics the vitamin C, B3, B5, etc. some of the names:

Cosmetics the retinoids

Cream retinoids, the overwhelming development of acne action, restoring the skin youth. Removes dark spots, leaves skin clean, restores the youth by enhancing the metabolism, cell renewal and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin.

The cream has a side effect: may cause irritation. Therefore, it should be applied strictly in accordance with the regulations.

Cosmetic ascorbic acid

Cream-the active form, has a pronounced rejuvenating effect. Also contains, tocopherol, hyaluronic acid. Actively hydrates, regenerates. Applied to cleansed skin once a day.

Cosmetics the niacinamide

Cosmetics the vitamin B3 (niacinamide) removes age spots, rosacea (veins are superficial blood vessels), acne, the remaining after the scarring reduces sebum secretion, moisturizes, regenerates. Applied to cleansed skin once a day.

Cosmetics the pantoténsav

Vitamin B5 (pantoténsav) promotes skin regeneration and restores the color, flexibility, elasticity, eliminates small wrinkles. Gel little tightens the skin, eliminates tightness, refreshes the complexion. Before applying the gel should be slightly warm fingers.

vitamin mask

Vitamin mask

Masks with vitamins for the youth, the beauty, the skin can be done at home using products. Particularly useful products such as cheese, cream, dairy products, eggs, etc. Before applying the mask, the skin should be cleaned. Skin condition after a course of home treatments will improve dramatically.

Vitamin mask for oily skin

Ingredients: 20 dkg grated cheese, the protein in an egg (beat), 10 drops of lemon juice, 1 ml solution of vitamin B6 in ampoules. Porridge apply on face for (still free just the to the area around the eyes) is a quarter-hour, then wash off. The procedure is carried out 2 – 3 times a week, a month. The improvement was noticeable after the first session: in the face gradually becomes clear, nice.

Vitamin mask for dry skin

Ingredients: 20 grams of cooked oatmeal with milk, add an egg yolk, a spoonful of honey, the content of the two capsules Evita. Apply the mixture for 20 minutes on the face, leaving empty areas around the eyes, after which wash it off. Looking for 2 times a week for 1.5 months. After Evita the skin soft, beautiful, young.

Vitamin mask for normal skin

Ingredients: a few strawberries (mashed with a fork), 5 g honey, 5 ml of cucumber juice. The mixture is placed on a napkin to cover the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with water. The procedure is performed twice a week during the month.

Vitamin mask for aging skin

Ingredients: 20 ml cream, 1 egg yolk, 5 g honey, a little rye flour. Bring mixture consistency of thick cream, add 1 ml of a-tocopherol in the ampoule, 5 ml olive oil. Apply to the face, without the area around the eyes for 20 minutes, then wash off. The procedure is performed every three days for 1.5 – 2 months. The improvement was noticeable, to no earlier than three weeks: the face is smoothed, fine wrinkles disappear.

Vitamin mask for the skin around the eyes

Ingredients: 5 ml glycerol add the contents of 2 vitamin E, mix and apply to the areas around the eyes for 20 minutes. To remove the remaining mask, a handkerchief. After such a mask, fade dark circles.

The skin requires vitamin supplements, especially if there are problems such as dryness, premature aging, wrinkles, or excessive oiliness, acne. Correctly chosen, after consultation of dermatologist-cosmetologist vitamins, food, vitamin-mineral complexes, as well as cosmetic solve these problems.