Face rejuvenation without surgery: the most effective methods

The women fear watching the changes with the passage of time the skin: wrinkles, increased pigmentation, there is a feeling of dryness, tightness. I always want to look young and beautiful.

skin rejuvenation

The time, the modern medical science comes to the rescue to solve the problem: today, to restore the freshness and health of the skin, helping the non-surgical rejuvenation of the face, received in recent years widespread in cosmetology. Aims to the restoration of the collagen, the protein in the skin loses with the passage of time. And because collagen supports elasticity and tension is becoming more and more of the skin. What the modern means of face rejuvenation without surgery you can use today within the walls of a beauty salon beauty salon?

Hardware methods

Laser non-surgical face rejuvenation

The laser is a strong light, light, light that can penetrate layers of the skin without damaging it. Modern medicine actively using the cosmetic purposes. Laser rejuvenation without plastic at all does not cause trauma, the skin does not entail unwanted effects.

1. Fractional laser skin rejuvenation

Fractional rejuvenation involves the splitting of a laser a lot of beams. So it affects the skin is not a solid stain, grid, which, penetrating the deep layers of the skin, triggering tissue repair and the natural formation of new collagen. The result:

  • improves the skin structure;
  • eliminates the hyperpigmentation;
  • skin is refreshed.

Increasingly, the modern beauty salon use fractional laser face rejuvenation without surgery, which allows you to once treat a large area, do not require anesthesia.

2. Laser dermatology

Laser resurfacing allows treatment the upper layer of the skin. The old, dead cells, preventing the rest of the space to breathe, or removed. The result:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • metabolism;
  • cellular composition of the skin is updated;
  • it improves complexion;
  • increase strength, flexibility.

Popular cosmetic laser dermatology, pain-free, but very effective method of facial rejuvenation without surgery, which eliminates the complications.

Photo rejuvenation

ELOS rejuvenation

The procedure of photo rejuvenation uses intense pulses of light. If you are looking for the gentle, non-surgical facial rejuvenation, which not a lot of time to this method. The results of photo rejuvenation:

  • smoothes out wrinkles;
  • regeneration of the damaged cells;
  • removal of pigment spots;
  • the elimination of acne;
  • destruction of the capillary network;
  • natural elastin synthesis and collagen fibers.

This method in the shortest possible time to solve the visible problems of the skin.


If you want facial rejuvenation without plastic was more deep, you can try Thermage.

The radio frequency energy penetrates deep into the skin, increases the temperature. Contributes to the formation or renewal of collagen in the cells. Advantages:

  • there are no contraindications;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • don't leave a trail.

Thermage is performed using a special machine and has another name — raise.


Another new, but already popular hardware face rejuvenation without plastics ELOS technology. It is based on simultaneous exposure of the skin to the high-frequency current, light pulses. An electronic device operates at a certain temperature, the intervention of a special applicator. Practical patient feels nothing, just a little tingling on the skin. Pulses penetrate sufficiently deep into the skin and renews the collagen layer.

Plastic surgery is not so relevant, as replaced by the non-surgical face rejuvenation without complications, side effects. The result is always predictable is obvious: the renewed collagen makes the skin moisturized, firm, elastic, soft, very nice, like when you are uncertain when you look at it.

Injectable non-surgical face rejuvenation

Very often the facial rejuvenation produced by injection of different drugs, each of which effect the skin in different ways:

  • hyaluronic acid retains the skin;
  • Botox or Dysport blocks the facial muscles.

Injectable rejuvenation is carried out without a long, tedious preparation of the patient, does not violate the usual rhythm of life, does not require general anesthesia and is almost painless.


Safe and non-surgical facial rejuvenation can be done with mesotherapy. This procedure involves subcutaneous injection of small doses of certain vitamins and active substances of natural origin. Active substances can be used:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • organic acids (recommended products or pyruvic);
  • vitamins (ascorbic acid, or nicotinic acid, thiamine, Biotin, pyridoxine);
  • extracts (collagen, elastin);
  • the cells of the connective tissue.

In all cases, the administered drug is selected individually. Often mesotherapy is used to eliminate a double chin, drooping, loose skin.

Youth ozone

methods of rejuvenation

In the case of skin problems, facelift surgery without the help of the ozone, which is oxygen. This loss of oxygen entails aging of skin cells, which normal functioning needs nutrients, and moisture. Ozone:

  • it stimulates the metabolism;
  • normalisation of the micro circulation;
  • updates tissue just under the skin;
  • it improves the complexion;
  • on the skin;
  • smoothes out wrinkles;
  • removes the top szaruréteg.

Ozone can be administered in the form of injections to the problem areas, where it promotes cell renewal.