Facial at home

Many women pay special attention to the face. Trips to salons, cosmetology centers are very expensive, a good, fresh looking skin, what women want, despite the age. Using special tools, which is in almost every home, it is possible to obtain results not worse than those achieved by frequent visits to medical centers.


Secret skin care person at home, just a few simple steps:

  1. The stage of the cleaning. Remove makeup, dead skin cells, the dust, the sweat.
  2. The stage of toning, which removes the skin inflammation.
  3. The stage of hydration. Support the balance of fluid exchange in the skin.
  4. Step nourishes the skin. These include the procedures that support the regeneration of skin cells, defense mechanisms of the skin.
  5. Protective stage. Measures to prevent the damage of the skin to external factors: with snow, the temperature change, hot days, etc.

The following tips to maintain Your face in good condition. Skin care of the face depends on the amount of fat and moisture in the cells. These criteria are the following skin types:

  1. "Oily" skin. That's a lot of choice of fat under the skin, often in the form of acne or pimples.
  2. The dry skin on your face. This type of skin is not rare, the wrinkles, the processes of dehydration, desquamation.
  3. Problematic skin. A lot of the redness, inflammation, acne.
  4. Combination skin. The distribution of fat under the skin is not uniform. The nose, chin, forehead typical problems of oily skin. In other areas dry.
  5. The normal skin. Very rare skin, there is inflammation of fat under the skin, water balance.

Care of the "oily" skin

The skin of this type, the most important thing is that the stage of purification. Clean the face consultation at least 3 times a day. You can use water and soap. Tonic properties help to get rid of the following problems: inflammation, blackheads. If you use different creams to keep fresh faces, look at the fat, don't use very oily creams. Watch out for the many cosmetic — a lot of clogs the skin pores, worsening the defense mechanisms. The best way to care for the skin mask.

care for oily skin
  1. 50 grams. honey, 25 grams. yogurt, lemon juice (18 oz.). Mix all the ingredients and apply the mixture to your face. After 15 minutes rinse.
  2. 1 egg, choose your protein, then add 10 drops of citrus juice. Blend the mixture to make a mask for 20 minutes.
  3. A decoction of calendula (20 gr. the calendula flower, leave them in the hot water for a while). Apply face pack for 10-20 minutes.
  4. 100 ml of boiled warm water add 20 grams. dill. Cook the soup for 5 minutes, add the crashed white of egg, and apply the mask, "layers". After the procedure, wash.

Dry skin

Dries the skin because of the lack of C-vitamin A. If you want to correct The skin condition, you need to change your diet and add fruits and vegetables that are rich in these vitamins. Follow the amount of fluid you drink in a day. You should drink at least 2 l of water. Do not use soap, alcohol content. Recommended for creams, gels, the high fat content to nourish the skin. Caution should be taken to the external factors: sun, wind, frost. Adversely affect the dry skin. The skin of this type use a moisturizing mask.

  1. 1 Apple, 10 oz. sour cream, 5 gr. in the olive oil. We cut the Apples, add the butter, sour cream. Mask is applied for 15 minutes.
  2. 20 gr. the heart is the same cheese. Mix the ingredients until a homogeneous mass. The mask is applied for 15 minutes, then rinse and apply moisturizing nourishing cream.
  3. Mix the same proportion, the flowers, the yarrow, calendula, and oatmeal. You will need to grind the mixture (e.g. a coffee grinder) and add warm water. This mask is applied for 20 minutes.
  4. Boil the 3 cabbage leaves in the water (2-3 minutes). Cool, apply to your face. Prior to this, the face-to-spread, vegetable oil. After such a mask, which is 20 minutes, the face needs to be deleted infusion of chamomile.

Skin, this type is mostly influenced by the age, with the passage of time, you are interested, just harder.

The "problem" skin

If Your skin type, the most important thing is to remove the factors that can affect The skin. These are the following: stress, Smoking, alcohol, various diseases of human organs. If you keep the blackheads, inflammation of the skin, it would be better if you clean your face, the bacteria, dust, dirt. You can't squeeze pimples it may cause infection, infection, scarring. If you suffer from "black spots" or acne (black spots) on the face of a special "deep" creams. Meanwhile, by taking the following steps:

care, problem skin
  1. Take white clay and mix in the water, to the consistency similar to sour cream. Cover the face and wait until it dries.
  2. The yogurt and dilute them to 20 grams. yeast (dry). With the help of a special spatula, the paste mixture on the face for 20 minutes.
  3. Scroll to the egg whites mix 30 gr. chopped sorrel. Apply the mixture on face for 15 minutes, then rinse with a damp cloth.

The skin of this type is the typical, more complicated cases — brown spots. If you are facing this problem, will help you:

  1. Mask, a cup of yogurt, 1 t. aspirin (tablet must be crushed to dust). This mask is applied 10 minutes before going to bed.
  2. Squeeze the aloe Vera juice, from 3 starts. On one occasion, cotton wool, apply to the stain, you should cover them with polyethylene. The procedure time is 30 minutes.
  3. 1 cucumber, 10 oz. sour cream, 4 drops of citrus juice. Cut the meat, cucumbers, cut, then mix with the other ingredients. The mask is applied for 15 minutes
  4. Mix in equal proportions with honey, and then the onions. A mask 20 minutes, then rinse with a cotton swab dipped in water.

The "combination" skin

The most common type of the skin. There's the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), which contains a large number of sebaceous glands. This face is applicable to the type "oily" skin. Despite the fact that the T-zone, the rest of the face (the eye area of the face, cheekbones) — properties, the "dry" skin, with possible flaking. The facial skin of this type is the most commonly used creams with fruit acids. The T-zone, light gel which will improve the sebaceous glands. In areas of dry skin moisturizer. Help film mask to remove layer of dead cells of the face and moisturize the skin.

  1. 10 gr. rolled oats, cut them. Pour in boiling water, 10 minutes. Take the trowel, and then the paste on the face for 15 minutes.
  2. Again, you need the grain. 30 gr. flakes, mix 40 gr. fruit juice, fruit add 20 gr. honey. Long mask, you need to set for 30 minutes.
  3. Select the protein in the eggs, add 30 gr. semolina and bring it down until smooth. Apply the mask for 15 minutes.
care for normal skin

The "normal" skin

The skin of "normal" type are not typical, "normal" problems of a different type. The complexity of care in this case consists in the regularity. Stick to all steps, which we discussed in the beginning of the article. Clean the skin every day dirt, dust. At least 3 times a week, regenerating, moisturizing treatment. Dangerous external factors. If it's very sunny, you need to put your face creams, which are the material for the SPF (see formulations cream). If it's cold outside, applying the cream before, so I had to soak (for at least 30 minutes). Does not harm the mask:

  1. Separate the yolks from the boiled eggs, and then the whole thing in the dust. Add 5 ml of fruit juice. Apply the mask for 15 minutes.
  2. Take banana (ripe), as well as the milk. Mash the banana peel, add to the mixture the milk. The mask is applied for 15 minutes.

Care, depending on age

When I was growing up, the aging, and the changes in intensity of the human body also extends to the properties of the skin.

Facial after 30 years

It's at this age will be visible signs of the weakening of the regenerative ability of the body. Visible traces of the stress, lack of sleep, the proper nutrition. At this age, the first place to use appropriate restorative jellies, creams. If You notice, the resulting, permanent wrinkles start to use the creams for smoothing. Pay attention to the area around the eyes — more powerful than all suffering in this age. Help anti-aging mask:

  1. Mix 10 gr. flour 10 gr. the milk. To the mixture add the egg yolks. The mask is applied for 15 minutes.
  2. The same amount of currant leaves, Linden flowers, plantain, strawberries, then cut them. Fill the hot water and stir. This mask for 20 minutes.

In this age of great importance in life — sleep, eat. Anti-aging mask is worth often.

Skin care after 40

The first priority is to use a night cream before going to bed. Such a cream contains vitamins groups E, F, C, retinol. Don't use movie masks — damaged stretch the skin. Help the following screen:

care after 40 years
  1. Mix equal proportions of honey, glycerine, water, ground oatmeal. Apply the mixture on your face for 20 minutes.
  2. Take 35 grams. beer (light) or in the heat of the steam room. Add 10 gr. olive oil, 30 gr. honey. They wait until dissolved. A cotton swab, then apply the mixture to your face. Wait for 10 minutes. Rinse off the mask.
  3. Prepare a very thick porridge, and apply it to your face. Wait 20 minutes, then rinse pad. The rinse water, and soda.

Face care after 50 years

In this age begins the aging process. Use rejuvenation, as well as the supporting procedures. Invalid any approach to caring for the skin. The main task is the restoration of protective functions of the skin. Protect the skin from UV rays, avoid stressful situations. Help:

  1. Mash 3 apricot, banana porridge, add 20 gr. cream. With a brush apply the mixture on the face neck.
  2. 30 gr. cottage cheese, 10 gr. olive oil, 10 gr. honey. Mix all the ingredients and apply to your face. Remove after 20 minutes rinse with water.
  3. Mix 10 gr. butter, 10 oz. cream. Add 10 gr. the citrus fruit juice. The mask is applied for 20 minutes. Should be removed with a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of water, dry white wine.