10 mandatory tools for a facial

All the girls very carefully care of the faceand should be used with caution. Not all of them know that we care, must be present on the shelf. Nowadays, a lot of different means to care for a person, an inexperienced person is very difficult to figure out what to buy and what is optional. We decided to find out how to take care of the person.

healthy skin

The healthy skin glowing skin the skin's pores small to be inflammation, blackheads, healthy skin doesn't have to. Everyone knows that proper nutrition and adequate drinking clean water daily is very beneficial for the skin, but it's not enough. That's why every girl needs to know what tools should be used regularly to maintain a healthy appearance.< /p>

There are some who are too lazy to care about the person, appropriate, with good intentions. But if you start, then every day you notice improvement in the skin on the face. This is a good result, you need to motivate the girls to regularly monitor the condition of the skin.


Gel, foam, washing, the most important thing to the bathroom all the girls. Morning and evening, the skin should be cleaned. During the night, the skin is also contaminated as the day. Purified skin of the face allows you to engage more effectively the funds are used after washing. Before you wash the cleanser to remove the makeup of the micelle in the water, and then wash off. Dry skin in many cases means, creamy, oily gels, and foams.

2.Face toner

Tonic is very important that after washing. It restores the moisture balance of the skin. Tonic also gives freshness to the skin, evens tone, smoothes irregularities, redness, removes makeup residues. After regular use of the tonic, it becomes noticeable that the skin shines and looks healthy. Dry skin appropriate toner based on rose water for oily skin, an appropriate device on the basis of acids, as well as the oily skin glycerin tonic.

3.Exfoliators for the face

Skin every girl needs the exfoliation of dead skin cells. This should be done 1-2 times a week. Dead cells of the face clog the pores, thus inflammation, rashes, and blackheads. If you regularly exfoliate the skin, the skin clean, healthy, as this will help you get rid of the wrinkles, scars, improves and evens skin tone.

Holders of oily skin should use scrubs. The owners of dry skin can also be used, but be sure to after treatment to moisturize the skin, or replace the scrub, the gentle method, for example, peeling-volume. This method creates particles, which are attached to the dead cells and black spots. The owners of sensitive skin, recommended means that it contains the ingredients, such as rice, or rolled oats.

face cream

4.Daily moisturizing cream

All skin needs constant hydration, nutrition. No matter what the type. It is impossible to dry the skin, if dry, then will sebum in larger quantities, so it is protesting. The skin must be protected from the sun's rays, need to buy products marked SPF. Drink large amount of water is not always cope with the hydration of the skin, therefore, it is necessary to help.

The owners of dry skin should pay attention to the rich cream, and avocado. Oily skin loves the natural compounds, plant-based, the consistency is more like gel. You have to choose a face cream with the lowest amount of flavors, does not cause allergies.

5.Night cream

Night moisturizing, thick, fat, than the full. These include a lot more anti-aging ingredients.

Until the night a person is sleeping, the cream, the skin gradually absorbed, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The oily skin is better to choose lighter creams that clog the pores, essential fatty acids, but the dry skin, more fatty acids.

6.Eye cream

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate on the face, you still need to have the best, if you're interested, to protect, moisturize. Eye cream can not only moisturize the skin, but also removes the eye around dealbatio, black eyes. The creams the skin around the eyes, the skin is Radiant, the point is, don't forget to regularly use. We recommend that you choose a cream based on natural, fragrance-free. The skin around the eyes more prone to allergies.

7.Face serum

The serum on the face, very rare the presence of the girls. Serum is much more concentrated compared to the moisturizer. The serum they were given contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, able to handle problems such as dryness, scarring, inflammation, etc. you just Have to choose the appropriate for your skin type.

Whey is not created to hydrate your skin and a light treatment. They can make the skin glow, even skin tone, smooth out the redness, inflammation of the skin more elastic. The owners of oily skin is recommended on the basis of serum retinol, glycolic acid, dry skin, adequate light, lean tools.

face oil

8.Face oil

The oil is also very important for the skin. the body is unable to produce the desired quantity of oil is your own, so you need help. The most popular oils are made with jojoba, apricot kernel, avocado, rosehip, borage. For oily skin the more popular the tea tree oil as antiseptic properties to heal the inflammation faster.


Face mask is a very popular means among girls. But, unfortunately, not all of them because of the advantage. The beautician or cleaning, moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, soothing, fumantemque. Mask should be used 1-3 times a week.

I have a dress, a mask, not cloth. Both are very good for the skin. Tissue can be held in the skin up to 30 minutes, then wipe off the remains of the neck, the chest, not cloth masks may also be kept on the face for 30 minutes, then wash off with water. A lot of masks you can prepare at home.

Dry skin to constantly nourish skin, this mask will help you a lot. The oily skin needs to be cleaned, in order, first to apply a face fumantemque mask, and then cleanse the better effect. Before use check that the mask the allergic reaction.

10.Sunscreen for the face

Even if the daily moisturizing cream, and a decorative Foundation contain, SPR, you still need to constantly use sunscreen for the face, especially those who live in the South. No wonder they say that: "the Northern woman is the most beautiful." This is because the skin on the face, in the North with less sunlight, the ultraviolet radiation, the skin ages faster, faster, the first wrinkles appear. For best results, apply sunscreen several times a day.


The face is the business card of each person. It is necessary to protect care the skin. No one wants wrinkles, 30 years earlier, the skin was covered with rashes or scars. Everyone is responsible for their own beautiful, healthy.