Skin care – cosmetics: 7 homemade recipes

The skin care is at least enough natural remedies, cosmetic companies are interested in the health, the beauty, but the profit. So says the expert from the harmonic minimalist life Dominic loro. This way, you will be offered to nourish, cleanse the skin and maintain the beauty.

skin care face

Skin care face: the smaller the better

The skin care is also a rule that the smaller cost of the best possible results. Most of the commercially available tools actually damages the skin.

To clean the skin, find a good mild soap glycerin or honey. Use the evening to remove the makeup, even if these days without makeup. The dust, dirt, eating the protective film, the skin produces (that's why the skin is yellow), the skin to breathe.

But in the morning I don't need the soap. The best ally of ice water: this is after the wash in Japanese Pat yourself in the face 150 times to stimulate the circulation, improve the complexion.

Further, the skin should be foodon the basis of the state: if the air is humid, almost nothing is necessary. If it seems tight or dry, one or two drops of oil heat it applied, using the back of his hand would be enough. As a general rule, useful, beneficial for the skin: olive, sesame, almond oil, avocado oil. The more tea used, instead of the cream, protecting the skin, because the contained natural oils, without clogging pores.

Causing the skin oil, and accompanying this operation of a massage. This is the routine procedure to learn, to understand, to apply in practice. A face, more than three hundreds of tiny muscles, if these massaging, the tissue will stay in place. It's very important that you apply these techniques, knowingly, because the state of mind that you care for the skin, affect the results. If you a face massage, the love, the skin will be more beautiful: the skin, hair function, in close cooperation with the organization, environment, and thoughts.

Last tip: the sun, the skin's number one enemy. Protect yourself with a hat and sunglasses to avoid premature wrinkles.

The skin doesn't need Soaps, creams, no creams soft and clean. You need to clean, nourish. Refrain from chemical products, creams, in the extreme. Beware of the traps of the cosmetic industry. Skin, digestive system, absorbing everything we give her, taking in the blood.

The best skin care, healthy food, sleep enough, clean water, happiness. Everything else is secondary. Skin care should be limited to deep cleaning, nourishment and careful protection. Ask any beautiful woman, which he uses to take care of themselves, he's likely to say, "Oh, Yeah, almost anything!".

7 homemade beauty recipes


Cut small red beans, fill it up with water, in the hands of the palm (a teaspoon) and gently massage into the skin in small circular motions.

Within two or three minutes, RUB the face, the inner side of the peel of the papaya, or mango: these fruits contain wonderful enzymes that dissolve the impurities of the skin fat (fat in the body). Manufacturers of cosmetics often use them to make your products in small quantities.

Deep cleaning

Boil 200 grams of water, add 2-3 drops of scented oil (lavender, lemon, etc.) talk about a steam bath to the face, open pores, then apply the homemade mask: 1-2 tablespoons of flour mixed with the same amount of yogurt, lemon, rice, vodka, infusions of various roots. Almost all the fresh food in the fridge has a therapeutic effect. In the experiment, and judge for yourself.

Food, water, sleep

Try to eat only fresh products, not undergone industrial processing.

Drink, mineral water... minerals! (Water is the best cosmetic.)

Before you go to bed at midnight, sleep 6-8 hours every night. The excess or lack of sleep is harmful to your health.

Contains the diet, soy products help to preserve youth.

Learn how to find and choose medical products: grain, fruits, spices.

Young face

Circles under the eyes, swollen eyelids are all signs of the lack of energy causes problems to the liver. These symptoms disappear completely after the rejection of abundant food, spices, meats, smoked, salt, sugar, saturated fat. A small amount of apple cider vinegar restores the bright color of skin daily for a month drink 50 grams of water, diluted vinegar, you will achieve amazing results.

care rules

Massage face with oil, paying particular attention to the areas around the eyes to activate the circulation of the blood (three times, starting in the corners of the eyes in a clockwise direction three times — in the opposite direction). Then some exercises for the eyes: - chin down and to the side.

Most look at yourself in the mirror calm of the species. So you will be able to produce results.

The list of devices

Another way to use the apple cider vinegar. Diluted with a little water, this will dissolve the remaining soap, the skin, the hair. A bottle of vinegar, soft soap, good oil, shampoo, balm to the only toiletries available in the bathroom.


The woman who found "the" Foundation, is able to conquer the world. Buy quality foundation, as well as to ensure that it was invisible. Apply only to the area of the eyebrows, nose, under the eyes, in small quantities, in the case of, without rubbing. If anybody has a better evenly, unnatural. In addition, the excess of any substance will close the pores of the skin. Here, too, less can achieve good results.

Dry skin

Eat half an avocado a day, and then for ten minutes, apply a teaspoon of puree on your face (it's a wonderful effect guaranteed, try it), add to the bath with a glass of sake, three drops of oil.