Care for the skin after 30

People sign: if yesterday blew 30 candles on the birthday cake, today is the time to conduct an audit on the shelf in the bathroom. This is of course an exaggeration, but the time to replace the fourth decade, certain changes in the skin already happened. So, daily care is also necessary to do something.

The functions of the skin after 30 years

skin care after 30

This is the broad sense of the so-called skin aging, biological aging. Usually the first signs become visible to the naked eye closer to 30-35 years. However, for example, the oxidation processes in the skin cells begin much earlier.

Since the age of puberty, the human body loses 1% of collagen per year, or if the stock is not replenished from the outside, for 40 years the deficit will be obvious.

Closer to thirty, the skin following processes occur:

  • reduced the density and elasticity of the skin;
  • slowing down the regeneration;
  • wrinkles, nasolabial, nasal folds strengthened.

Yes, it's natural. But with proper skin care, these changes can be delayed.

Rules for phases of care

Everything here is like 5 or 10 years ago. However, in a few steps, and then to spend more time, while others carefully monitor the reaction of the skin.

The makeup removal

Remove the makeup gently without soap and friction. The young skin has it, but after thirty the cautious approach. Using the hydrophilic oil, lotion, or water. No alcohol, the composition of the sources.


After 30, the skin becomes more fragile, which means to reduce the moisture. In order not to lose the moisture, replace the standard gel, that is a more elegant solution, foam or water.


This is an important step that many people somehow miss it. Use a flower water or tonic, without alcohol, to enhance the effectiveness of the resources in the next section for skin care.


The color was dull in the pores, not clogged, make sure to remove the dead skin cells. The usual scrubs large abrasive elements may be too aggressive, you can replace them with soft gommage or acid peels, masks.


After thirty even the best cream moisturizer need more support: add a little variety to your daily care cream is applied. Here is a perfect peptide, vitamins, formulas containing hyaluronic acid.

Skin care is different after 30 years

The rule of the "more moisture" it is important to all skin types, but there are some nuances that you should pay attention.

Rules for skin care of different types of after 30

Skin type

Care rules


Cleanser choose a gentle cleansing, moisturizing effect. For example, the change of the gel foam.


The skin of this type, the age begins to feel an acute shortage of food, so along with the moisturizer you use nourishing creams, oils.


Overdry combination skin – simple. Focus on rehydration. Master multi procedure hyper-modern host-targeted skin care: cleansing mask, apply the T-zone, moisturizing areas in need of moisture.


Usually, active substances, cosmetics for problem skin (benzoyl peroxide, acid, retinoids) drying effect. In order to compensate for using the excess moisturizing and soothing agents.


Ingredients, such as vitamin a (retinol) and vitamin C, for sensitive skin may not be suitable for bet antioxidants (vitamin E) and proteins (peptides). And strengthens the blood circulation, help gingko biloba extract.

Special care for different skin

Actively caring for the skin in general, don't forget the areas that require special care, as well as the skin on the neck, décolleté.

Skin care around the eyes

principles facial

In addition, the skin around the eyes is more delicate and thin in this area, reduced number of sebaceous glands. So, absent the lipid barrier. To extend the youth, the beauty, the skin in this area, don't forget to use the special cream.

Care, neck, decollete

The rule is: cream on your face – don't forget your neck, chest area. In this case, a special tool, face cream. But the retinoids, acids in these areas, be careful: the skin in these areas more and more delicate.

Characteristics of cosmetic products for skin after 30 years

After thirty to help you high-quality moisturizer, antioxidant recommended tools to help stimulate the production of collagen, elastin. Standing look:

  • collagen,
  • peptides
  • growth factors
  • etc.

Since the lipid layer is destroyed in the routine care for all skin types, especially dry, you need to include foods in cuffs, take care of oils or ceramides.

To stimulate the micro-circulation, strengthen regeneration of cells helps the acid, retinoids, and certain herbal extracts (ginkgo biloba, sea algae). Important: when the acids, retinol binding all year round protection from the sun. These same parts are not recommended for sensitive skin.