Professional Beautician

Care for the skin need to constantly. Most of the girls at home for various cosmetic products purchased, as well as applying the traditional recipes of beauty.

But increasingly, women, especially those whose skin is a significant drawback, there is a desire to give himself into the hands of the experts. Cosmetology now on the peak of the development, every day we create new products, services can transform the appearance of the women, more visits to the salon.

Let's talk about what are the benefits of professional care for the skin, as well as the procedures that can be done at the beautician.

The advantages and disadvantages, the professional supply

The beautician

Professional skin care the benefits of home treatment.

  • Cosmetologists, who are good salons and clinics received appropriate training, and constantly improve their skills. Often these people are also your dermatologist, so predictable, that the diseases of the skin, if any, and choose the necessary treatment.
  • Check cosmetic procedures, particularly serious, significantly worse than in the cabin. It is very difficult to comply with the sterility, which is required during the various interventions. While there is evidence of clinics all above, total clean, use disposable instruments, sterilizers.
  • Not all cosmetic allows to achieve good results in the fight against the problems on the skin. Often the funds can only maintain the condition of the skin, but you don't need to fix it. Professional brand a number of products specifically aimed at the transformation of the face: rejuvenation, whitening, to get rid of the scars, inflammation.
  • The range of treatments offered by beauty salons is very wide and allows to choose a set of measures necessary to improve the condition of the skin.
  • In this case, select the I just watched the business of operating, appropriate licences, certificates and complies with all the conditions, sterility.
  • Not without professional care, as well as certain disadvantages, which are, however, not related to quality of services, as well as other factors.
  • The treatments are good professionals using quality media, a pretty high price. One time usually does not give the desired results, so you need to pass the whole field.
  • There is a possibility that a bad specialist. It is very important that before you visit a salon, read about it, make sure that all necessary documents confirming the quality services.
  • The professional procedures, you need to allocate an appropriate amount of time. Home care can be performed for every suitable time of the day, parallel to the usual stuff. A beautician, for example, peeling, or mechanical cleaning in less than an hour, including the preparation and finishing mask.

Types of procedures

Cosmetology can offer a lot of different procedures. Another great advantage of the professional care that only an expert can truly evaluate the condition of the skin, as well as the problems to pick up a series of necessary measures.

The beauty is not static, but continuously evolving, the introduction of new technologies, techniques.

So let's talk about what treatments can be acquired in professional skin care.


It is known that the face massage helps keep the young by the sound of all the muscles. Also lymph circulation, which reduces swelling, if any. Improves complexion as it increases blood flow to the skin. The cells are saturated with nutrients from the inside. The procedure can be performed using different techniques, such as stroking or sting.



Procedures purpose of the renewal of the skin, the existing problems to the surface, like pigmentation, scars, acne, wrinkles, and the goal is to thoroughly clean the skin.

Three types of peels, depending on how deep layers of the dermis they may affect:

  • surface;
  • middle;
  • deep.


Deep cleaning helps to get rid of blackheads, pimples, and also to normalize the production of sebum. Be procedure different methods: using the machines, or without them.

The most popular types:

  • mechanical (hands, metal tools);
  • ultrasonic (device, the tip, which affects the skin, ultrasonic vibrations);
  • vacuum;
  • the use of acids;
  • the use of galvanic current.


A special procedure, which helps to care for the face, reduces swelling, improves the skin's elasticity, fight acne, marks acne, smooth out wrinkles, and tighten pores. This is due to the electrical impulses created by the device. The dermis reacts to the effect, activates the metabolism and the regeneration.


Often the application of the masks is part of other procedures, but sometimes the girls, too, that the beauty only fast, intense moisturizer, or nourish your skin with the help of professional tools. The modelling mask that hardens on the face, increasing the intensity of penetration, a special solution is applied under them.


A procedure, which is designed for deep hydration and rejuvenation of the epidermis. In the process, the injections under the skin to inject the hyaluronic acid. The seat is pretty painful, but the result is already visible after a few days: the face will be very smooth, velvety, reduces wrinkles, and other imperfections.


Rejuvenation technique that uses an injectable procedure for the introduction of the skin's own platelet rich plasma to the patient. As a result, the natural process of renewal, the regeneration, the skin becomes smoother, gets a healthy color and elasticity.

Muscle toning

The treatment is a microcurrent therapy to improve muscle tone and elimination of toxins and excess fluid from the skin. Helps to the face contour, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates stagnant spots, swelling.

This list is not complete of course. All salon services on offer, which the proper license.