Fractus rejuvenation: action, indications, contraindications

Fractus face rejuvenation safe, effective method the laser treatment is that it is possible to get rid of various cosmetic defects, age-related symptoms. Such rejuvenation, also called photo rejuvenation or fractus photo thermolysis. This method is widespread in the cosmetics due to the unique effect on the skin.

This technique is similar to the operating principle of the laser return, but the more efficient method. So, after such a procedure, there may be several undesirable consequences required more thorough preparations.

fractional skin rejuvenation

Action fractus face rejuvenation

Conduct all operations only by qualified persons who have sufficient experience in this field, therefore, have a higher medical education.

Fractus rejuvenation is considered the best alternative to the surgery, which is used to treat the skin of the face or the body. During a youth session, a special device is located, the solar panels, is responsible for the penetration of the laser beam under the skin.

The laser treatment contributed to the death of the cells in the skin, activate the growth of new cells.

At the time of the contact with the laser the skin to create a small damage, which can stimulate the cellular immunity and help to update the pages that require aesthetic correction. Thanks to fractional photothermolysis improves the blood circulation and the synthesis of collagen, elastin, thereby missing the sagging tissue, increases the elasticity. Form of a strong lifting effect, and then started the process of rejuvenating the skin's deepest layers.

  • stretch marks;
  • scarring, tissue;
  • to increase the sound, the flexibility;
  • insert the relief;
  • improves the skin color.

Species fractus photo thermolysis

The cosmetic practice is often used in two main types of photo thermolysis:

  • ablative photo thermolysis;
  • non-ablative photo thermolysis.
The type of fractional photothermolysis

The first method is to remove surface micro-sector of skin on the face or the body. This laser beam penetrates the dermis to a depth of 1.5 mm, thereby allowing the contraction of the skin, activate the regeneration processes. non-ablative method takes place without removal, the skin is exposed to a laser beam to a depth of 3-5 mm. This procedure helps to restore deep layers of the epidermis. Beauticians recommend both photo thermolysis at the same time, that the greatest possible anti-aging effect, enhance the process of tissue regeneration.

Confirmed by the many reviews to obtain a clear result, when I finally fractus rejuvenation by laser is possible after just a few treatments. During the week the skin of the face or the body adstringantur becomes smooth, elastic, wrinkles disappear, the forehead, around the eyes, smooth skin, wrinkles, and even the color of the skin.

In order that the effect of photo thermolysis, it is recommended to perform more cosmetic procedures once a month. The magnitude of the effect of the application of the anti-aging technique continuously for 2-3 years, largely depends on the lifestyle of the patient (reduces anti-aging effect of Smoking, alcohol consumption, improper care of the skin). If you eliminate the negative factors, the effect fractus rejuvenation last maximum for a long time.

That is the procedure

Procedure fractus photo thermolysis does not require special training. Before a cosmetic procedure, you need to clear the skin of impurities and remove makeup. After that, the beautician makes your skin an anesthetic material in the form of ointment or cream and begin the skin treatment, the laser nozzle. A session usually occurs a little tingling.

Time for rejuvenation, approximately 30 minutes, and then at the end of the procedure, the skin applied the special moisturizer. The physician should acquaint the patient with the rules of conduct during the rehabilitation period, which observance will help to avoid complications. The duration of treatment and the number of treatment is determined individually for each person, taking into account indications, contraindications, and the desired result.

There are the usual indications fractus photo thermolysis:

  • vascular spiders.
  • the lowering of the tone of the tissues;
  • age spots;
  • fine lines, wrinkles;
  • uneven terrain;
  • scarring;
  • acne, acne;
  • the porosity of the skin.
broken dermatological, that the procedure is performed

Anti-aging treatment helps to eliminate the outward signs of aging and restore firmness to the tissues. To carry out treatment, of course, it is recommended that the September to may, when the sun's rays are least active, which gives the opportunity to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of the sun, post-traumatic pigmentation.

Contraindications consequences

Direct contraindications fractus rejuvenation:

  • cancer;
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • autoimmune disease;
  • diabetes;
  • inflammation of the skin;
  • psoriasis;
  • viral disease;
  • epilepsy;
  • various dermatosises.

Prohibited conduct laser procedure, if the cold sore, the acute phase, recent sunburn, severe acne, rashes, sunburn, keloid scars, or vitiligo.

In a few days, as the fractus photo thermolysis appears protective crust on the skin, which is my own 3-4 days after. All this time, you will need to treat the skin, or another cosmetic remedy, which the doctor will recommend, to speed up the healing of tissues. Prior to each exit to the street, make sure to use sunscreen to prevent the appearance of age spots protects against harmful UV rays.

Within two weeks of the permissible, to a scrub or use the scrub within a month after the procedure can not sunbathe.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol, to smoke, because it slows down the process of tissue regeneration. You need to refrain from visiting the Solarium, the sauna or the pool for the whole healing period. If the procedure is carried out by a trained specialist, usually there are no side effects, as well as the rehabilitation quickly, without complications.

fractional skin rejuvenation methods

3d laser rejuvenation

3d laser face rejuvenation — a modern treatment of aesthetic defects of the skin through the action of the laser, which allows you to replace your plastic surgery. Thanks to the laser technique, 3d to quickly get rid of the signs of aging, correct the contours.

As the reviews, after the procedures, 3d rejuvenation occurs a lifting effect disappears in the various cosmetic defects:

  • the wrinkles;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • bags and puffiness under the eyes;
  • vascular network;
  • pigmented lesions, etc.

The technique of 3d laser rejuvenation allows the tightening of the neck, decollete. The standard treatment during the 3 to 6 treatment a small time interval (2 to 4 weeks).

During the procedure, a laser beam is used, which removes one slice, the old cells of the skin and triggers the regeneration. The used for this purpose ablative CO2 or diode laser. It's best to have a diode laser, because after a quick recovery the substance of the skin.

The advantages of the 3d rejuvenation is the following:

  • you don't need to use the painkillers;
  • a minimum list of contraindications;
  • long-term effect;
  • short rehabilitation period.

3d laser anti-aging procedure is performed in three consecutive stages:

  • eliminates the main problem, or a cosmetic disorder;
  • creates a lifting effect;
  • the grinding of the upper layers of the epidermis.
All 3d procedure, mesotherapy, biorevitalizatsiya, PRP justo.
broken dermatological contraindications


Fractus rejuvenation, 3-d methods have a large number of positive reviews. The negative reviews about this anti-aging procedure is associated with high price of this procedure and the complete inability to get rid of deep wrinkles.

The results of the procedure largely depends on the skills of the beautician, the initial condition of the patient's skin. It is also important to comply with the recommendations of the doctor after the procedure because the complications can occur due to the fault of the patient. It is not necessary to remove the accounts, or the reputation of the clinic, you must prove that you have a medical license. Successfully performed laser technique helps to start the process of tissue regeneration, and provides a strong lifting effect.