How to rejuvenate skin at home

Any woman can significantly improve her skin condition without going to the beauty salon every day and spending half of her skincare budget. Let's take a look at the most effective ways to rejuvenate skin at home.

Ways to rejuvenate skin at home

A well-balanced diet (not a diet but a nutritional system that should be focused on), drinking enough fluids (better than pure water), masking, massage, face mask, walk in the fresh air and play sports.

How to effectively rejuvenate the skin

Skin beauty starts from the inside, but external skin care is of utmost importance. This can be seen on the example of leather boots, in which you frequently have to walk in snow, through reagents, mud, puddles.

If you try to polish the shoe only on one boot, clean it every night, reapply the shoe polish - then the polish will be in great condition for a long time. The heel will be worn out, or the heel will need to be changed, and the leather of the boot is virtually unchanged. The skin of another pair of boots, if not cared for, will become hard, chewy, and even cracked. The same goes for human skin.

"from the inside" ways to rejuvenate skin at home include a balanced diet: you cannot give up vegetable oils completely, as vegetable oils are rich in the most important antioxidant - vitamin EEven if you are on a diet, you should include fatty fish in your diet, plenty of vegetables, fruits and herbs, whole grains and beans, rich in fiber.

Green tea is extremely beneficial for the skin. Drinking too much coffee, even more than three cups per day, moreover, as a rule, in the afternoon leaves the skin dull, tired, and emaciated.

Coffee should not be completely excluded, but there are some rules about using coffee so as not to negatively affect health and beauty:

  1. You should only drink good-ground freshly ground coffee (brew in a coffee machine or blend it into a cup);
  2. Coffee will only be beneficial if you drink it in the morning and eliminate it completely in the afternoon. Although you often want a refreshing drink with coffee in the late afternoon, it negatively affects sleep, the cardiovascular and nervous system, which cannot help but affect the skin condition. Since evening coffee drinks, blemishes appear on the skin, traces of fatigue and pale complexion.
  3. One to two cups of coffee a day should suffice.

Coffee is a good antidepressant when taken in moderation, it is a stimulant, increases mental strength, improves memory, has many positive properties, so you should not give it up. But the measure is good in everything.

The line should be completely removed. Or as much as possible. Sugar causes skin aging - this is a scientific fact. Since a high level of glucose in the bloodstream activates the aging of the cells, substances produced in the skin destroy its structure.

Salt retains fluid, causing edema, so it is important to limit the amount in the diet. It is especially advisable to abandon foods that are unnatural, too fatty, sweet, foods with ingredient E, various additives and flavors, dyes.

To keep skin youthful and elastic for many years, you should not neglect any physical activity, be it ice skating in winter, running and cycling in summer, dancing, walk. All of this helps to improve blood circulation, bring a great mood, improve the functioning of internal organs. And the functioning of the heart, liver and kidneys has a direct influence on the condition of the skin.

Massages and masks will help you rejuvenate your skin at home.

Rejuvenating home massage

Manual massage can be done by wetting the tips of your fingers with olive oil (or any other), using a vacuum bottle, an electric masseuse. As well as devices that interact with the skin with microcurrents, ultrasonic currents, electric current. They are available in the market and are affordable for any woman.

Contact with the skin with electric current increases the skin's moisture level from within, stimulates collagen production, smoothes the skin, improves color, color and tone. Devices that act on the skin by ultrasonic waves significantly exfoliate the dead cells (which make skin younger by itself), evenly tone skin and tighten pores.

After the ultrasound procedure, masks and creams have a much more effective moisturizing, rejuvenating and regenerating effect.

Vacuum cupping massage results in amazing rejuvenation. This massage improves skin nutrition, moisturizes from within, and stimulates cell renewal. In addition, this massage also promotes the development of a new network of capillaries located deep under the skin, important for good blood circulation and wrinkles. Puffiness vanishes.

Banks should be of minimum size, you should drive the massage lines (from the chin, up in an arc to the ears, from the tip of the nose to the temple, etc. ), these lines gradually increase. The slightly sensory massage is best done with oil. Peaches, almonds, jojoba, sea buckthorn, and coconut are great.

The choice of oil depends on the needs of the skin, but it doesn't matter - any ordinary sunflower oil can. By the way, despite the fact that sunflower is the cheapest, it is no less than any other, it is rich in vitamin E, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin significantly.

Exfoliate, apply a mask, and exfoliate to rejuvenate facial skin

You can prepare the peels, masks, and scrubs yourself and the quality will be significantly superior to the purchased one. In addition, home-prepared cosmetics will not contain harmful preservatives, component E, toxic substances; That cosmetic will not harm a pregnant woman.

In addition, for the considerable savings on masking and exfoliating costs, you can buy yourself a cream that is really good quality and effective without any cost considerations.

How to rejuvenate skin at home - potato starch mask, carrot juice and sour cream are very good at removing wrinkles. These ingredients should be mixed into equal parts and the mask should be kept on the skin for about half an hour. The mask fades wrinkles, nourishes, strengthens the skin, visibly whitens and thickens.

The egg whites or egg yolks mask works great for the skin and skin. The mask made from the yolk helps to restore the skin in a great way, improving the skin, nourishing and fading wrinkles. You can add honey, a few drops of lemon juice, rosemary or vitamins (A, E) to the yolk mask, depending on your skin's needs. Mask made from protein tightens pores and works to lift muscles.

Mask made of white clay, diluted with water or sour cream, has proven to be excellent. It is better to dilute the clay with sour cream if the mask is for dry, wrinkled skin. Has an exfoliating effect, whitening clay, cleanses the skin, saturated with trace elements and tightens pores. After this mask, the cream "works" much more effectively.

Homemade skin rejuvenation - great exfoliators are coffee grounds half mixed with honey, honey salt, half ground oats with sour cream.

Special exercises - face building will help transform the skin, restore youth, elasticity, radiant skin and also stretch the skin like plastic surgery. After all, the face, like the body, also has developing muscles, so you can look younger and more attractive for longer. It is well known that sports participants have better elastic body skin and, conversely, people who do not like to move have slimy and gray bodies.

The same goes for faces. By exercising the muscle, the skin is supplied with adequate blood supply, the muscular framework tightens and "holds" it, not allowing it to sag with folds and wrinkles.

How to rejuvenate skin at home - exercise

There are many exercises for different types of muscles and facial areas, there are also exercises to correct facial blemishes (lip lift, nose improvement, double chin removal, etc. ), but let's focus on the main ones:

  1. Since nothing betrays age more than the area around the eyes (swollen or fluffy eyelids), this exercise can be considered one of the most important exercises in making a face. To do the exercise, you need to place your middle fingers on the bridge of the nose, while also placing your index fingers on a point at the outer corner of the eyelids. Then need to squeeze the upper lashes, pull up. You need to feel tense, then loosen your eyelids, then stretch again - and this has to be repeated ten times. This exercise helps the face release the "pocket" under the eyes, raise eyebrows (drooping eyebrows make the face tired, sad and older), smoothing the crow's feet.
  2. To remove the "double chin" and improve the oval of the face, the following exercise will help: open the mouth, pull the corners of the lips (as if trying to stretch them towards the ears). Then, squeeze the lower lip into the teeth, cover the teeth, press the upper lip to the upper teeth. Raise and lower your lower jaw with the corner of your lips, feel the tension in your chin muscles and focus on that.
  3. To rounded cheeks sunken, this exercise will help: similar to the previous exercise, pull lips (mouth open), then use the fingers (placed on the corners of the lips) pull cheeks, feeling tense. Also perform circular motions with your fingers.

  4. To smooth the nasolabial folds, there is such an exercise: open your mouth and stretch like an oval, trying to raise the tip of your nose. Then lower your upper lip and try to lengthen your smile with just your upper lip (while the lower lip should stay still). With each "laugh", it is important to raise the tip of the nose, while using your fingers to move along the fold of the nose, stimulating blood circulation.
  5. To improve the shape of the lips, slightly enlarge the lips and smooth the wrinkles, you should do the following exercise: put your finger between the upper lip and lower lip, try to grip like a pencil, feel the muscle tension andslightly pushes the lips forward.
  6. To improve the shape of the nose (to make the nose look slimmer and more graceful, the tip of the nose does not expand or lengthen with age), you need to raise the tip of the nose with your index finger, then press the upper lip against the teeth. , lowering the tip of the nose, feeling a sense of tension.

Each of these exercises must be repeated 30 times a day to achieve results! Home-exercise skin rejuvenation remedies with exercise won't take more than 15 minutes, but they're worth it!

Well, in conclusion, it should be noted that nothing ages as much as negative emotions, feelings of destruction, depression, lack of personal life. Love is a great motivator to find and feel great. Sometimes you just love to start melting those extra pounds, fine lines and sparkling eyes.

Home skin rejuvenation simple and affordable ways for everyone!