Modern rejuvenation techniques are recommended by experts

Modern skin rejuvenation methods

Women under the age of thirties easily maintain a healthy look of facial skin and do not have many wrinkles at this age, but after thirties, it is important to think if theNot so fresh, especially after a few years. . . Aging is a natural process that cannot be stopped completely, but you can stop it. Performing any cosmetic procedure at home is very dangerous and you cannot do it without consulting a specialist. To do this, you should go to the salon and trust estheticians who will provide you with the most effective ways to solve age-related issues, including rejuvenation. morning, bio-recovery, vitamin cocktail injection, v. v.

It's important to look at any process first

To minimize force majeure, you need to be fully consulted before proceeding.

All common processes are divided into groups, which depend on both the process itself and the efficiency. So, after visiting the salon, a woman may be given a procedure, which will need to use special equipment. You can perform the rejuvenation procedure using special syringes and cosmetic devices, but there are simpler procedures, such as a mask or chemical peeling.

Out of all the anti-aging procedures the expert will recommend the method that is most suitable for you. To determine this, one will conduct a preliminary examination and analysis of the skin condition, take into account the blemishes and appoint a session later. A procedure such as intermediate therapy is common today.

What is the process of rejuvenation with mesotherapy

To rejuvenate the facial skin using this method the specialist uses a syringe. That is why mesotherapy refers to a method of mechanical rejuvenation. Serum is injected into certain points and areas of the face. Usually, a rejuvenation routine is done once a week. Depending on the skin condition, for example, a woman may need five or even ten treatments. This is determined by an expert.

Peeling is also popular. Before the main action, the skin must be softened. The more steaming, the better the effect. Next, a special chemical compound is applied to the skin of the face.

Plasmolifting and its benefits

If you want to get a hundred percent results and still enjoy lasting results, apply for a plasma lift.

This is a worldwide popular trick based on rejuvenation using the plasma itself. The rejuvenation therapy without surgical intervention, suitable for most people and all ages, starting from 30 years old. The rejuvenation process takes place thanks to plasma platelets.

This procedure is completely painless. According to Langer's instructions, an injection is made to a specific area of ​​the body. After that, the connective tissue begins to function, activating the natural rejuvenation mechanism.

With age, two processes in the human body slow down, such as cell metabolism and regeneration. The skin becomes flaky, sagging, and loses its healthy appearance and color. To begin the rejuvenation process, you need to restart metabolism and regeneration, and this can be done with the help of muscle lifting, that is, in the human body, under the guise of ainjection, the person's own plasma is injected.

It is easy to take blood for analysis as it is taken from a vein. Furthermore, the special device separates the blood into three components: poor plasma and platelet-rich, red blood cells. The separation process should take no more than 15 minutes, after which the procedure is carried out immediately, taking no more than one hour. No anesthesia is required, but if the patient has a low pain threshold, local anesthesia can be administered.

After doing the trick, small bruises are visible on the face, but they disappear quickly. The rejuvenation process may require 20 to 1000 ml of blood. The frequency is 2 times every six months. The effect lasted one to one and a half years.

As a result, the patient naturally begins to rejuvenate the facial skin and gradually, the dark spots under the eyes, bags, and wrinkles disappear.

Recommended procedure in:

  • Flaky and dry skin.
  • Aging due to age.
  • The appearance of deep wrinkles.
  • Lumpy skin.
  • When stretch marks appear due to strong weight loss.
  • Ultraviolet projection.

Before the procedure, do not eat fatty foods, nor foods that contain large amounts of preservatives. The last meal is four hours before the session, before that you should drink plenty of drinks. Recovery time is minimal, first results visible after the first session.

RF lift, based on the use of radio frequency waves, is equally efficient. It is done using one of three methods - fractions, bipolar and three-pole.

Additional procedures

Masks are very popular because they are pleasant, not painful. It is difficult to recognize the right masking type independently, only a specialist should do this. Thanks to her, many problems can be solved. For example, reduce the number of wrinkles, make facial contours more expressive, get rid of the chin. After applying the rejuvenating mask, facial skin condition improves, skin is smooth, feels comfortable to touch and looks healthy.

At the same time, not everyone can use such a pleasant and effective trick, as it has some contraindications. If you have an open wound on your face due to trauma, warts, large moles, or pustules, an experienced esthetician will not accept responsibility and refuse to perform this facial rejuvenation method.

If you need to "refresh" your face, improve blood circulation, a common cryotherapy is recommended. Thanks to this, it is possible to not only rejuvenate the skin but also improve the function of the mechanisms responsible for skin protection. The special feature of the process is that it uses nitrogen, its temperature is one hundred and fifty degrees below zero.

Laser-based processes are equally popular. Laser resurfacing under the action of red rays effectively removes wrinkles.