Daily care for the skin

Every woman strives to preserve its charm, everything is different. But for some reason, not everyone is able to spend a few minutes on the 4 stages of daily facial care. Constantly attempt your hair, it is possible to spend the money, expensive clothes, make-up artist consultations. But not elegant clothes, not good makeup, a new hairstyle will not return the healthy appearance of your skin, youthful, oval face, smooth fine wrinkles, but sneakily give the woman's age.

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The first signs of skin aging (wrinkles around the eyes, around the mouth, the neck) often remain to us unseen. By the age of thirty which is wake up, not willing to accept that the time also has its disadvantages. "We have to do something!" we assure ourselves, but often, somehow, was postponed care the skin coniecto only if the color is pale, deep wrinkles, loose skin droops, not so clearly follows the outline of the face needs lifting. Then we run to the beautician with the hope that he, like a magician, for a moment, then back to the young people, what's the beauty of it. Yes, beauticians too much, but this does not eliminate the need for daily home care of the skin. It consists of 4 steps:

1. Phase - Cleaning

Clean the face, what you need, the morning and evening. In the morning about the face makeup application, night - night cream. When the cleaning removes dead scales of the Horny layer of the skin, dry sebum and bacterial products. Evening cleansing removes makeup residue and dirt to your face during the day, the treated skin is ready for the maximum perception of a night cream.

When washing any type of skin it is not recommended to use soap - too strong degreasing after dryness, irritation, too much soap tightens the skin pores, cleaning them well enough. In addition, the soap, the lye, disrupting the normal acid in the surface of the skin, breaks lipid (fat) barrier of the skin, prevent the reproduction of pathogens.

The face should be cleaned, gels, mousses, milk. Almost does not disturb the normal acidity of the skin, deeply penetrates into the skin, soluble solid particles, and cosmetics.

2. Step - Toning

After cleaning the face, it is necessary to delete the tonic (cream). Toning, an important moment in the daily care face care, all skin types should be done after each cleansing, twice a day, morning and evening. Bad opinion, that the tonic you need to clear the only for oily skin. And the more the alcohol content the better. Even if the surface of the face is very oily, an alcohol-free tonic. The alcohol not only dry normal-dry skin, but also increase the activity of the sebaceous glands oily skin. The dry skin also we have to treat the toner after cleansing, the only difference is that the tonic should be prescribed with this skin type.


  • remove the skin of the residual cleaning as well as makeup;
  • moisturizes the skin, improves the sound;
  • slight anti-inflammatory effect;
  • normalizes the acidity of the skin's surface;
  • cleans and tightens the skin pores;
  • prepare the skin for further care.
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3. step - Hydration, protection

Day cream apply in the morning or during the day under makeup without, for about a half hour before you go outside. Must be applied not only on the face but also the neck.

The film appears on the skin after the cream application, performs a protective function, the skin under suffering, less the meteorological environmental factors, dust, dirt. In addition, day cream prevent evaporation, the water in the skin, helps to maintain the proper level of moisturizing.

The day creams usually contain different active substances. Depending on the content, the ratio of the different days of the creams for application to the different skin types, different seasons of the year. In the summer use sun creams that contain sunscreens - substances that reflect or absorb UV radiation. It can protect the face from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, which is "photoaging" of the skin.

4. Section - Food

In the evening after cleansing, toning, apply the night cream. Night creams are classified as "food". They are elected in accordance with the type and condition of the skin.

Night cream applied 1-2 hours before bedtime; if not completely soaked, you have to spot the napkins. Like the day cream, apply not only on the face but also the neck, décolleté.

Never apply the nourishing cream on the areas around the eyes. Night creams are too oily, the consistency is too "heavy" this delicate region.

Each movement, like cleaning, toning of the face and applying creams, masks must be produced in the direction of the lines of least stretching of the skin, the midline of the face to sound in the shell. Wipe the face, only the log of movement, without stretching the skin.

To complement these basic steps, the skin care can be masks, mechanical (scrubs) and chemical peels, etc. But you need to use them every day.

Skin care of age

Special attention every day for the skin around the eyes, the most delicate, sensitive, a few sebaceous glands, it is characterized by the great elongation. The eyelid easily formed swelling, the first time there are wrinkles. Applying makeup removal of tiresome, irritating to the skin around the eyes. Therefore, the cosmetic is applied to this area need to be of the highest quality.

Eye creams are particularly light consistency and absorbed. I apply morning and night after cleaning your eyelids.

Do not use the eye cream. The skin around the eyes, only one specifically created for this zone indigence ocular inspection.

Apply and remove the makeup, the eyelids carefully, holding it in the direction of least stretching of the skin (eye movement should be directed towards the nose, above the eye towards the temple).

Clean the eyelids with the help of special gels, creams. Protect the eyelid skin is light, choose tools ultraviolet filters.

Lip care

Lip skin is very thin, always open to the influence of the wind, the sun, the cold, dry air. There are no sebaceous glands, so daily hydration, nutrition. Constant contraction of the facial muscles, the mouth contributes to wrinkle formation around the lips.

In the evening, when you don't have to apply makeup, special means to care lip skin.

Make sure that the lipstick contains moisturizing, nourishing components, vitamins and UV-filters. As a general rule, to meet these requirements, and lipstick with reputable companies, and they are quite expensive. But remember that the lipstick is not only the mouth all day - the most consumed, so a cheap lipstick to use, it's not worth it.

Skin care neck

Neck skin is very delicate, thin, prone to dryness, sagging, rugosities, and you may find that moisture nutrition needs of young people.

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Gradually take care of the person, morning, night, certainly think that the neck. This can be kept identical assets, which are for the treatment of the face: pure cleansing milk, wipe off the paint, then apply at the appropriate time, the day cream. Some cosmetic manufacturers of special products for the neck. Different in that it won't stain your clothes.

If you learn how to properly care for the skin, you don't need a lot of time. Give yourself 10 minutes every morning and night cleaning, toning, day -to moisturize, and at night to nourish the skin.

The skin react positively to these treatments, but do not expect immediate effects the following day or in a week. A lasting change of appearance occurs at the earliest a month from now, because each new cell must undergo a complete life cycle which is 28 days. Don't do face this weekend, when more free. Just daily attention to yourself will reward you with a smooth, flexible skin, which for many, many years, to preserve youth.