Skin care facials at home

Nice, good-looking, well-groomed face always attracts attention. The first thing you notice when you look at the people condition of the skin. The stress, the mood swings, the sudden temperature fluctuations, chronic lack of sleep, bad habits affect this part of the body is not the best solution.

skin care at home

They say if the teenage girl is a ugly appearance, around the one to blame, the nature of the genes. If it's the same girl, 30 years of age does not change the situation, the best, the most useful is the external data page, said about the laziness and lack of self-discipline. There is no doubt that genes have a great importance. But in order to achieve perfect skin even at the age of 50-60 years, this factor alone is not enough. A well-groomed skin is the result of the daily care. To do this, it is not necessary to spend excessive amounts of money, regularly visit beauty salons. Proper care of the skin can be provided in the home.

To learn how to properly care for the person better, like a pro, you must first determine what skin type you are blessed with the nature.

What type of skin do you have?

In practice, the beauticians use the following classification:

  • oily skin. Features: the tendency to inflammation, dilated pores, the greater the likelihood of acne, excessive sebum, shiny luster, grayish hue;
  • dry skin is particularly attractive at a young age. But after 25 years the owner of this skin type to fully enjoy the "magic" constant tightness after washing, the tendency, irritation, peeling, redness on the chin, in the early first wrinkles;
  • normal skin types, in fact, very rare. Features: the mask, the surface of the skin, not greasy, Shine on your problem areas with a small probability, blackheads, peeling.

In addition to this classification additional sources of skin types, which is characterized by the special challenges that you carefully individual approach: sensitive (increased reaction to changes in temperature, irritability, itching), aging (sagging, a lot of wrinkles), problem (a constant irritation and a tendency to acne formation).
Once you have determined your skin type, you need to figure out for themselves the question of how to learn how to correctly and properly take care of their skin at home. Let's look at the stages of care in return.

Skin care facials at home

Purge. Used to clean the skin most people? In accordance with the use of hot water and soap. This is bad. Every skin type needs a custom approach. The only aspect that corresponds to the settings for any skin you need to wash with soft water, i.e. rainwater or melted. Since the water is very hard (especially urban residents), to mitigate its very simple: the process of boiling you need to add the borax, 1 teaspoon of substance in 2 liters of water.

how to properly care for the skin

A good alternative to melt, the water, the owners of oily skin is the mineral water. Wash the owners of such type of skin needs at least 3 times a day, using foam. Clear skin is possible with the hands, while a gentle massage, or purchase a special brush for the face.

Normal skin should be cleaned directly after waking up, before going to bed use clean and dry — the use of the cosmetic cream or milk. Hydration. The main reason is the violation of water balance of the skin's exposure to adverse weather conditions. To recover is not enough to wash often with water, you also need to use the moisturizer. The owners of the dry skin this cream, with the addition of rice powder, aloe juice, oil of cosmetics containing zinc, sulfur, normal cream, with the addition of decoction of the herbs. Moisturize the skin if you are outside, you can use the special wipes or warm water.

The final stage, the face, the diet. The main helpers at this stage — creams, night actions, and masks. In this case, virtually the same as the purchase of cosmetic products, prepared the mask for the skin at home. Prepare your own mask is that you can use your choice vegetables, fruits (depending on the type of skin), or, for certain products, the desktop and in the fridge every housewife. For example, the pulp banana pulp moisturizes the skin potato mask helps to get rid of the flaking, redness, and smaller effect on my face. Apply the mask very carefully, slowly, gently massaging, not forgetting that the maintenance of the neck skin, decollete. The best, if this operation is a relaxed atmosphere, completely away from the everyday problems. But my favorite, soothing music for a while, forgetting about the current problem Case.

At home you can prepare a simple, not too costly, but at the same time, universal beauty "magic wand", which help to care the skin type. Among them cucumber tonics, strawberry scrub, gel, oatmeal, decoctions of various herbs.

To maintain your skin in proper condition, you need to your daily diet. Similar products with minimal heat treatment, more freshly prepared food. Cooked in a double boiler, cook without fat, or olive oil, bake in the oven, eat seasonal fruit and vegetables. Remember that the strict diet leads to the loss of skin tone, dehydration, wrinkles.

A beautiful complexion, I just needed a good night's sleep. Try to rest whenever possible, even in the daytime. If for some reason the night without sleep in order to face the appropriate form, in the morning wipe the face of the ice or frozen herbs. Spend more of the leisure time in the outdoors, always ventilate the room in which to work or relax before going to bed.


Remember that the care of the skin requires good self-discipline. You love yourself, you learn to find the positive in any situation, your smile and the desired effect the proceedings conducted do not force yourself to wait for a while.